Young Jeezy Wants to Be Kelly Rowland’s Motivation

Young Jeezy and Kelly Rowland

Young Jeezy has his eye on Kelly Rowland. During a visit to Angie Martinez’s radio show, the rapper shared his affection for the “Motivation” songstress.

The Hot 97 host suggested Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan as a possible girlfriend, but the eligible bachelor had another star in mind. “If you saw me on a yacht with Kelly Rowland, I might be doing all right,” he shared. “I’ma give her some motivation.”

Jeezy, who premiered his new TM103 single “Shake Life” on-air, was not shy about his fondness for the sexy singer. “I like that for me,” he added. “I feel like I’m Mr. Motivation. Work that thing out, super remix.”

Could Kelly be wifey material? “I know I gotta get me one. I gotta put something up,” said Jeezy, who is looking for the right woman to settle down with.

Do you think Jeezy and Kelly would make a good couple?

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  1. EdwardPonton

    Hell naw! Kelly want give bra NO play lol


  2. James

    didnt they kinda already go on a date w/ Beyonce&JayZ back in 07? at some basketball game


  3. Huh?

    YUCK!!! It’s ALWAYS the ugly or out of shape guys who want the decent looking women, he’s short too! *pukes*


    jeezy wifey Reply:

    @Huh?, let me tell u something, he what it is but they ain’t compatiable cuz she is not on his level. She cute but not wifey 4 him. And ain’t nothing wrong wit his shape. He need 2 give her a few pounds.


  4. buddyreal

    they would.

    they are compatible

    Kelly’s an Aquarius dude Jeezy is a Libra


  5. KNUCK

    I think they would be a cute couple.. IDK how kelly feels about “bad boys” “trap boys” or none of that lol.. after that football player it seems like she liked pink meat.. we’ll see, sis!


  6. Diva

    lol…. I don’t think Jeezy’s Kelly’s type. U know what I mean….. Kelly is a conservative female so she probably would be looking for a man who’s potentially husband material & someone who can commit & stay loyal to her & who wants kids & marriage & the near future.


  7. Oso

    yeah that would be cool, the new Jay-Z & Beyonce…
    more headlines, more relevant…


    Real Issh Reply:

    @Oso, Lol – Bey & Jay are on WW status almost at a Bill . They said thee same thing about Chris & Riri .. You get my drift ?
    But Jeezy treated Keyshia Cole like shyt so she shouldn’t .


    Oso Reply:

    @Real Issh, oh I forgot about Keyshia.


    LO Reply:

    @Oso, Jay & Bey now that’s a couple. But I could see them four on a yacht on South Beach drinking their wine together. Now we need to find Michelle a man.


  8. NikkiIsChillin

    I got nothing against Jezzy. He cool. But I gotta say that this is a case of “Back then they didn’t want me. Now I’m hot they all on me.” Now all these RnB/Hip Hop dudes wanna wife Kelly up cause she is whats hot right now. Whatever. Keep shining Kelly. HERE I AM in stores July 26!


  9. Myrl22

    lol… dont know what to say about this one so imma keep my mouth zipped. Love you kelly HERE I AM in store in 4 days people.


  10. ~

    yess they hang around the same circle of people. and atleast he somewhat knows her they have been pictures together. and kelly admitted thousand of times she has a thing for bad boys but the things about jeezy is he isnt ignorant he seem business savy thats why jay-z is so close to him cause jeezy is like jay in many ways and thats one of best men to mold urself after someone whos has some street in him but who is intelligent enough to put you up on some things aswell plus kelly is a jeezy fan not that that is saying anything cause she also listens to nicki minaj guccie mane and waka flocka..crickets.. but still I Think yess forget what u think her look like its about if he’s ready committ to a possibly good woman.


  11. no

    Jeezy stop it.


  12. loveCRIMES

    Jeezy is far from fat. I seen him in person and he’s not. But he is short though. lol


  13. MelyB

    Based on how he called himself putting Keyshia Cole on blast after their relationship fell apart, I don’t see any self-respecting woman having n-e thing to do with him. I hate this bitch ass males with loose lips who run to the media spilling their guts about their relationships.


    jeezy wifey Reply:

    @MelyB, he didn’t run 2 the media, she tried 2 make him sound like he was all on her when it was really her. He is a very private person when it comes 2 his life. But she had his name sounding bad so he cleared up the rumors with the truth. Dont hate th game, the the 1 that don’t know how 2 play it. Now he ready 2 sette and be hapy. He wasn’t 4 that with keisha. Everybody grows up and now he wants something.


  14. muni

    Hell NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Da Ma'

    Wow Looks like and sound like Kelly got a nice little crush !? Cute very Cute

    # ummh But whose’s its up to say they should date , ummh not Any on this Blog website not even me for that matter !? So All ya little rotten message/comments dont wast your time !?


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  17. @IamMrHAndsome

    He did K. cole ass dirty.. SO HELL NAH!! Maybe Kelly and Trey Songz can go make some babies.. Letoya Luckett and Tank should date and Jeezy can just stay single unless he finds Brooke Valentine lmao


  18. jaymira yarbrough

    Hi i think that stuff is good


  19. Alicia

    Shouldn’t everybody be happy that he just wants a sista! Go Jeezy!


  20. Rose

    ummmmm… no! i see kelly dating a pretty boy, jeezy to hood for her, hes to much of a gangster :|i see her dating a nba player!


  21. tera

    i c her datin trey songz with those sexy ass lips or nelly with the body to die for dont hate its just my opinion


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