Mariah Carey Goes Clubbin’ with Girlfriends

Mariah Carey

It was ladies night out for Mariah Carey. The hot mama stepped out on the town without her husband Nick Cannon or newborn twins earlier this week. The pop diva was flanked by her bodyguards as she migrated to the VIP area at Juliet Supperclub in New York City with her girlfriends. Clubgoers clamored for a photo of the new mom, who gave birth to twins Monroe and Moroccan in late April. Mimi, who held court next to the Black Eyed Peas’, ordered champagne for her pals and didn’t leave until 2:30 a.m.

Could Mariah be getting inspiration for her next album? According to Nick, she is already plotting her next move. “She’s already been doing some preliminary work and meeting with a lot of producers and has tons of ideas, so I guarantee you can expect something soon,” the media mogul previously told

Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Mariah Carey

[Photos via TooFab]

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  1. KMart

    omds she looks buff… *marry me*


  2. britbrat89

    dang no homo but tittys much lol but she looks really cute i see she getting back in shape i love it


  3. key




    She looks amazing!

    Love Mariah!


  5. Courtney

    what’s so bad about her going out with friends every so often it’s not like she abbandoned the twins and never would. new moms need that every once in a while or they’re going to go stir crazy and she had already been confined to the house in CA since last january because of twins being a high risk pregnancy so give her a break.


  6. Mariah Carey Goes Clubbin’ with Girlfriends

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  7. ken lee

    She looks amazing, she has new album out at the end of the year, nick cannon told perez hilton it is like her first 2 albums!! maybe this means dance music is on its way out! yayyy!


  8. Dclr

    Mariah looks really good!! Can’t wait for her next album and I hope I see a lot of her on X-Factor! :)


  9. Kilyan

    She looks effortlessly beautiful !
    I can’t wait for the new muSic !
    She needs to bring back ClaSsic !


  10. Josh

    She looks amazing!!!!!


  11. KMart

    i jus hope her new album gets the success it deserves!! :)


  12. Erica

    like seriously, does this woman age? she looks the same she did 10 years ago.


  13. jackson 5

    Motherhood has not turn her into a bore.


  14. Wow

    She looks more white then the other white girls, she is black right? or half?


    loicee Reply:

    @Wow, she’s half black and half white


    maya Reply:

    @Wow, venezuelan, irish, & black.


  15. Hugh

    Her trainer is not playin!


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @Hugh, lol


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