‘Watch the Throne’ Gets iTunes Release Date

Watch the Throne

There have been many plausible release dates floating around for Watch the Throne, but nothing has been officially announced. Now iTunes reveals what appears to be the most credible date yet for Jay-Z and Kanye West’s highly-anticipated LP.

The digital retailer has posted an “expected release” date of Monday, August 8. The standard and deluxe editions are also available for pre-order.

While the date reflects a digital release, it is not currently known if the physical album will also arrive that day or at a later time.

A new track called “Otis” was released earlier this week and is also available for download now, while the album features appearances from Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, and Mr Hudson.

A behind-the-scenes documentary surfaced online on Friday, but was quickly pulled due to its premature leak.

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  1. YUNG Reezy

    8/8/2011 HOV X Yeezy are going to rule the world


  2. Aquierra

    Collaboration of the Year? Yes.


    WatchTheThrone Reply:

    @Aquierra, collaboration of the decade? Yes.


    uhuh Reply:

    @Aquierra, you know Ye cant top his last effort “MBDTF” considering the sh*t he had to go through to put his soul into making that masterpiece. i have a feeling this collabo is being rushed. i’d rather wait a year to recieve its full potential.

    But hey, thats me.


    meme Reply:

    @uhuh, rushed? i think its actually being stretched too long. we’ve heard about this for a full year now. i think most ppl is over it. they dnt even have a video out yet


  3. Wins

    Rily cnt wait 4 jay n yeezy 2 mek us al go ape iiish!!!


  4. Hiiipower

    It’s gonna be a great collabo but it ain’t gonna be better than what J.Cole and Kendrick got in store!!!


  5. Chris J

    im gettin the physical copy..i need to hold greatness in my hands


  6. LAD



  7. Mikey Martini

    It comes out on my birthday. It’s no coincidence…


  8. dreincharacter

    I don’t think you can compare MBDTF to this album. Too different. I expect ‘watch the throne’ to be a complete throwback to the soulful rap of the 90′s. Hard hitting, clever lyrics over some ingenious sampling and ye drums…

    Can’t wait.


  9. Spida

    Omg that’s my birthday haha


  10. Hugh

    Funny i noticed this myself on itunes last night.

    Strange how they’re releasing this with such secrecy. I think they want a subdued debut and a strong hold on the charts. Unlike MBDTF which debuted to 500k but then only sold 1.1m.

    Better to debut with 375k and sell 1.5m like Nicki.


  11. Lindsey

    Been waiting for ever!!!! Cant wait!


  12. Taste

    iTunes gon have it tomorrow cop first thang in da morning tired of the same sounding sh*t all u rappers can hang it up


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