New Music: Amy Winehouse – ‘Tears Dry on Their Own (Organized Noize Remix)’

Amy Winehouse

Big Boi pays homage to Amy Winehouse by releasing the previously unheard Organized Noize Dungeon Family remix to “Tears Dry on Their Own,” the original which appears on her Grammy-winning album Back to Black. The remix does not feature any members of the Dungeon Family, but instead has a reworked beat. “R.I.P. Amy.,” wrote the OutKast member.

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  1. BarbzieKiller

    Miss You Already Amy – Hope you finally found the peace you were searching for


  2. jeremydante



  3. yooo

    wow speechless…. this was some real talent everyone.


  4. KingB

    #AMYWINEHOUSE is better than Beyonce ..hehe joke! RIP amy!


  5. Coleworld

    Her voice, and songwriting >>>>>>

    RIP Amy.


  6. lyfechanges

    Damn man, im still mad she couldn’t have cleaned up her act so she could continue to be the great singer that she knew how to be…. R.I.P Amy smh


  7. ayotimoty

    its a shame when the people that manage this talented artist are mainly concerned about the bloody money they make off those artists, they don’t care about the well being of this artist, once again may her beautiful soul Rest in peace and may God find a place in his Kingdom to fit her.

    How many artists do you wanna push to death,BlOOD SUCKING MANAGERS!!!!!and RECORD COMPANIES!!!!!


  8. WonderLand19

    This remix is Beautiful. It sits nicely with her voice. Arhhh, i miss her already. This is such a sad time. i had hoped she would have a happy ending like lily allen and come out of her personal hell.

    If you havnt read Russell Brands letter ‘Dear Amy’ you should because its on point.

    God bless.


  9. MaZ

    The original mix is way better and suits her vocals. RIP Amy.


  10. Hugh

    Amazing Amy. Such a shame.

    Must listen to the original, but this sounds great with the bassy beat


  11. Adem

    Love Amy but who ever mixed this sucks. Original song is way better.

    Keep this s**t to your self. Not Hot!


  12. Adem

    Love Amy but this mix is the worst the original song was way better.


  13. Adem



  14. Tachuu

    omg i love this song and the music video


  15. Laura

    I’ve always love amy winehouse, i cant believed she passed away.


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