Melanie Fiona Pays Tribute to Amy Winehouse with Cover [Video]

Melanie Fiona and Amy Winehouse

Melanie Fiona pays her respects to one of her favorite artists Amy Winehouse with a cover of “Wake Up Alone,” a cut off the late singer’s Grammy-winning album Back to Black. The video was recorded in January when Melanie was in London, but only released now.

“Earlier on this year, I made this video and never posted it,” wrote the “It Kills Me” singer. “Today, it’s all I can do to express my gratitude to one of my favorite artists. May your music live on to inspire others, as it has inspired me. R.I.P. AMY WINEHOUSE. xo.”

[Fly Guy Music Blog]

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  1. jeremydante

    it’s so crazy that even some of the most soulful singers can’t touch amy’s delivery. valiant effort by melanie. love this song.





  3. Thatsuperstar

    Remmeber I seen her in concert twice and she always sounds flawless.. #RIP AMY


  4. icant

    i fuck’n love Melanie ;)


  5. DRB

    No one can touch Amy’s vocals, the emotion and rawness behind them.


    kingkong Reply:

    she’s not trying to touch her or up her. she’s just paying tribute. gessh you people are so quick to jump on the competitive trail smh. great cover melanie. R.I.P Amy Winehouse <3


    GoodMusicPhl Reply:

    @kingkong, Yes I concur.
    This a very good cover though. Melanie sounds good.


  6. MaZ

    One of my favorite on “Back to Black”.


  7. Gee

    They have the same face shape


  8. ayotimoty

    melanie fiona beautiful still no make up and also she pays due to whom its due to. R.I.P Amy winehouse


  9. stace Face

    I think she did a pretty good job but i agree that no1 can touch amy’s raw emotion and delivery. We miss you Amy! R.I.P


  10. Crys

    ugh… just makes me miss Amy. gone too soon.


  11. this is G

    i absolutely LOVE her voice!!! Go melanie!!


  12. oshanae

    R.I.P Ms Winehouse,
    I am looking forward to Melanie CD, of course Amy version is better but Melanie still has a great voice


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