Amy Winehouse Remembered by Family and Friends at Funeral

Mark Ronson

Amy Winehouse’s family and friends gathered to say goodbye to the beloved soul singer. Mourners shared prayers, tears, and laughter at Golders Green Crematorium in London on Tuesday before heading to Southgate Progressive Synagogue for a private funeral that was attended by 300-400 people including the 27-year-old’s mother and father, brother Alex, recent boyfriend Reg Traviss, protégée Dionne Bromfield, and producer Mark Ronson. Kelly Osbourne sported her blonde hair in a beehive in tribute to her friend.

During the “joyful” celebration, Winehouse’s father Mitch spoke about his headstrong daughter. “Goodnight, my angel, sleep tight. Mummy and daddy love you ever so much,” he said at the end of his emotional eulogy. He plans to set up a foundation in her name to help people struggling with addiction.

The Jewish service included prayers in English and Hebrew and concluded with a rendition of Carole King’s “So Far Away,” which father and daughter had often sung together.

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  1. so you mad

    this is just heart breaking



    @so you mad, yes im so sad


  2. Alex!

    uhmm…..where is her x husband?


    Ves Reply:

    @Alex!, in prison.


    Alex! Reply:

    @Ves, oh ok! wow :(


  3. cal

    just figured you’d like to know the picture you’ve labelled “mark ronson” is actually bbc radio 1 dj Nick Grimshaw


    ME Reply:

    @cal, No thats mark ronson, he dyed his hair black again


  4. alysia,

    she used to be my fav singer <'3


  5. RDK

    R.I.P. Amy.


  6. Coleworld

    I guess it kind of just hit me that this is real. Its so sad. RIP Amy.


  7. Converse

    She finally made 3 days detoxs?


    Rico Reply:

    @Converse, rite she should have took her crack head azz to rehab


    Eva B is The Kiueen Reply:

    @Rico, Shut the fuck up you ass. She was in rehab for 2-3 months then got out for her tour.


    Amber Reply:

    @Converse, LOL


  8. say what

    Lord Have Mercy,,,,R.I.P AMY!!!!


  9. say what

    This is so sad, you would think that
    there could have been something to
    pervent this. so young, so talented
    and such a beautiful soulful voice.


  10. jasoldier

    how comes her funeral wos so close to wen she dyed its only been 3 days how can u orgonise (sorry bout the spellin) a funeral so quickly


    yooo Reply:

    @jasoldier, its part of the jewish religion to schedule funerals 3 days after someone has passed.


  11. yooo

    I am so heartbroken by her passing. She was the only one in this generation that I felt, who really got it. She knew how to be inspired by older artist yet make her own music classic and unique. I listened to her music for 2 years straight back in 2006 and cant stop listening to it now. She had so much music left in her–she could have recorded an album full of jazz standards and it would have sold millions. She was the closest thing we had to Billie Holiday—R.I.P Amy :-(


  12. Angelina

    RIP, Amy u n ur music will always live in my heart


  13. TaVonya

    My heart is breaking so terribly !


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