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Janis Winehouse

Janis Winehouse

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  1. Sandra Lynton

    I have the impression that you must be a private person, so I imagine all the publicity you get is not very comfortable -

    I have never done this before – ie write to someone I’ve never met about someone else I’ve never met -

    but I was very moved and saddened by your daughter’s death – and my heart goes out to you -

    In my opinion, your daughter was the most talented musician of her generation – I am not an expert, but I grew up with music – my father was a musician in a Big Band in the 1940s and 1950s – then a theatrical agent, and then he had the longest runnung independent record company in Britain – He had perfect pitch – and I am sure that if he had been alive he would have recognised your daughter’s genius –

    I am also particularly touched, because you all make me proud as a Jewish woman – my parents were both refugees from the Holocaust (my grandfather was in a concentration camp), and as such I am always sensitive to how we are seen and treated by others. By being unashamedly Jewish, and obviously warm and decent and loving human beings, you portray a very positive image.

    In any case, I cannot imagine the pain of losing your child. I hope time will help to feel better -


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