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Alex Winehouse

Alex Winehouse

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  1. Geoffrey Kalina

    I am very sorry for your loss. I teased your sis on an occasion, she had great spirit and was funny too. Her lyrics spoke volumes, decades ahead of her time, she felt like very few do and was able to openly and concisely put her feelings down on paper.

    She unlike so many people in this day and age was tuned into her instincts, at a time where the system with no system ‘educates’ people to question their instincts to a point where they question them incessantly and become so totally confused and lost with no direction.

    Sadly and very much akin to many people she could not let go of her pain and squeezed each and every drop of it. It was personal. As Amy once said to me and I quote, “in the words of of Monica, ‘Don’t Take It Personal’”. Like you all I wish too, that she hadn’t taken it as personally as she did.

    I once wrote to her: “We live in a world full of people problems, instant gratification and instant fixes, it is not men nor is it women, although it is all too easy to place the blame upon others. To blame others gains no profit, so I choose to blame myself for entrusting others who have done me damage. My instincts tell me that you have many positive attributes. You are as bright as a button, have a great sense of humour, you are funny and fun, multi-faceted and good company. What binds us all, with all the ifs buts or maybes is a need to be thought of as worthy, to be vital and of use, to have purpose. We also have a need to be loved and cherished notwithstanding a need to also have someone who we can love. Very often I get peeved at people’s concept of love, to me, it stems from the passing of time, where you prove yourself to be honest, trustworthy and sincere, that comes from open, honest, concise communication. I will always much prefer raw honesty, I don’t do white lies or any other colour of lie, if it is not the entire truth it is a lie. A little bit intense maybe but with it comes no room for misinterpretation. I mean what I say and I say what I mean”.

    I wish you and your family peace at this nightmarish time.




  2. Natalie

    Although I never met her, your sister was a big part of my life. I would listen to her albums everyday on my way to work (an alternative school for troubled kids) and the entire way home. The drive was a long, ugly, straight, and industrial road in Pennsylvania, but your sister’s music made it beautiful. Throughout my life, I never found anyone my age who loved the 1960′s music I always have. When I first heard your sister’s music, lyrics, and voice, I was sure that she was special in totality- not only in her music talent. When I learned more of Amy, I felt strangely connected to her. Like me, she seemed more sensitive than others of our age group.

    After two weeks, I am still as tearful as I was when I heard of Amy’s passing. I can only imagine what you and your family are going through. Therefore, it is with great sadness and respect for you and your family that I wish you peace at this time. Please know how much inspiration Amy gives me through her music and her legacy and how much I truly admire and respect her for who she was.


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