Loren Allred and Ne-Yo

New Music: Loren Allred f/ Ne-Yo – ‘Pot of Gold (Remix)’

Ne-Yo introduces his artist, singer Loren Allred, on a remix to Game and Chris Brown’s “Pot of Gold.” The Pittsburgh native questions her decision to pursue the spotlight while Ne-Yo delivers the familiar hook.

“They say all that glitters won’t deliver what you’re looking for,” sings the sultry-voiced Berklee College of Music grad, who has covered Adele, Lady Gaga, and Alicia Keys on her YouTube channel.

Did she strike gold with her version? Sound off below.

Loren Allred f/ Ne-Yo – “Pot of Gold (Remix)”

  • WatchTheThrone

    personally i think ne-yo’s voice is so much better than chris’
    but that’s just my opinion, don’t hate.

    • will watch the VMAs only if Breezy is performing

      @WatchTheThrone, its a simple hook anyone could jump on it and sound good

      if you know the work a writer puts into developing a melody, you will slap your own face for that so called “opinion”; but then you are just as clueless as a lot of these haters

      A lot of people sing or revamp other people’s songs but they don’t know the work thats gone into creating that hook & writing the lyrics from scratch.

      Chris Breezy does everything with passion or emotion, its not about vocals its about feeling. Yes, Neyo sounds like Usher sometimes but if Usher revamped this hook you’d enjoy it more.

      Neyo did a good job but “ain’t nothing like the real thing baby”

      • Kahina

        @will watch the VMAs only if Breezy is performing, Look your pseudo….Of course you’d prefer the original. lol

        • will watch the VMAs only if Breezy is performing

          @Kahina, this isn’t a matter of preference

          just highlighted stuff to be considered when comparing the two

          If breezy took on one of Ne yo’s songs, people may also think he did a better job

          Ain’t nothing new.

  • Triniti

    BEAUTIFUL! Certainly better than the original…

  • jerrica

    knew a remix would be coming…well done

  • Ice

    I heard this on Sinternet’s Mystery Artist and have been trying to figure out who it was. Better than the original, imo. She’s good!

  • shegotit


  • lea

    i like this version too its more sultry
    but i like the original version best because the game raps and chris voice on it is more raw and that goes better with the message of the song

    • love

      @lea, co sign…..
      so true

  • KellzPrevailz


  • Cameo

    This is much better. Ne-Yo is much more talented thn Chris Brown.

    Awesome rendition!

    • keeee

      @Cameo, more talented? do you see ne-yo being able to sing dance and rap
      I mean yeah ne-yo is good but you can’t say he is more talented
      Just sayinggggg

      • Xx

        @keeee, uh, who you to talk? CB is only talented at dancing and creating music. ain’t a really good singer. Ha, funny you mentioned rap.. Nigga sucks! #TeamNeYo #TeamRealTalent

        • Kahina

          @Xx, Agree with Xx. To me CB is just a dancer. Ne-Yo is an multitalented artist!!

  • Crys

    Am I trippin or does she sound like Beyonce? I like it.

  • Jamie

    Loren is one of my old friends and she is amazing! So happy to see she’s getting up there with her music! Keep it up babe. love ya

    • M J

      @Jamie, i agree. she is very talented and she killed it. this is an awesome remix and i hope everybody here can realize that and stop trying to compare between chris brown and ne-yo all because he’s on the track

  • shell517nj

    I like the original better. chris voice gives it that edge to pair with the game rap.

  • Momojunkie

    Much better than i expected … The Games was cool with Chris But this is really good , Nd I am #teambreezy all the way but dang this is Wayy better than i expected …!