Video: Tyga f/ Chris Richardson – ‘Far Away’

Chris Richardson and Tyga

Tyga doesn’t know what he’s got till it’s gone. The Young Money rapper loses the love of his life in the tragic video for “Far Away,” the first single from his upcoming album Careless World. The emotional song features Cash Money signee and former “American Idol” contestant Chris Richardson. Keep a box of Kleenex handy while watching this tearjerker.

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  1. andy

    Yesss finally a good song by him, im really feelin this. and the video was really good too


  2. Jason P.



  3. i thought this shit sucked

    i thought this was awful, personally.


  4. awful

    i thought this was pretty awful, personally.


    Coleworld Reply:

    @awful, me too. the whole concept has been done countless times. and it was corny…great song though.


  5. uhuh

    wow. tyga tyg doin it major huh. too bad he wont blow up like drake/nicki.
    Check out for his Last Kings snapbacks. dope is an understatement


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  7. B I G

    damnnn i love tyga *no homo* i love this song and i love this video…CARELESS WORLD can’t wait..Tygatygaaa doing his thing boi


    uhuh Reply:

    @B I G, u mixed up bigseandon with tyga lol. #Boi.


  8. maya

    The beat is typical, the lyrics are mediocra, & Chris sounds to much like Bruno Mars.

    Not saying the the song is bad, it’s just nothing special.


  9. Spidddie

    Luv it! Sad though…..


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  11. JHP

    I for one like records like this, Tyga isn’t the most lyrical guy in the game, but he writes from the heart, and that’s more I can say for a lot of these n*ggas rapping today. Chris did sound like Bruno but the hook was great regardless. Sad video though, but it was dope. I would rather this be the top single in the country instead of songs like that Party Rock Anthem Bulls**t


  12. Kayla

    i Freakeennn <3 This Songg Expecially Cuss The Video & Tyga Is Suppa SEXXXII Muahhh


  13. Rap-Upper

    Great song….Perfect hook and well-done video (no pun intended, Tyga fans).
    Really want to see Tyga succeeded, one of the better rappers on YMCMB who deserves more of the spotlight and budget:
    Tyga>>>>>>>> Lil’ Twist, Chuckee, Short Dawg, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine and T-Streets

    While YM is the hottest label right now, it sure has A LOT of DEAD WEIGHT! Do your thing Tyga!!


  14. Eliana

    all you haters suck. negative things like this makes the radio Dumb.

    I thought this video was Amazing and a good song. !

    can’t wait for the album.

    True fan.


  15. Ricardo

    Its okay but I don’t think his gonna blow up he should learn from Wiz Khalifa bse his a boss and tyga will always be in Wayne’s shadow


    JAngel Reply:

    @Ricardo, LOL at this…..leave Wack Khalifa’s ass out of this. He ain’t even a boss anyway….& saying he’ll always be in Wayne’s shadow is bs. Just because he had a hand in Tyga’s career jumping off doesn’t mean he’s in his shadow. That’s like saying B.o.B will always be under T.I. or Big Sean will always live in Kanye’s shadow. This right here is good quality music. Music with value & a meaning unlike bs artists like Wiz, Gucci, Waka, Soulja Boy etc.


    Tyga Addict Reply:

    @JAngel, Exactly @JAngel . I’m glad somebody gets what he’s trying to do here. smh.. The best revenge on a hater is to prove them wrong.


  16. rnb

    talent talent talent talent

    @ricardo for the people who are curious , tyga is a real artsit, unique , bc they listened to his work with chris brown and pharell….


  17. nicki minaj love

    I love tyga.. he’s my 2nd favorite from young money but I don’t really like this song.. its not cutting it for me.. hes a great mixtape artist..I think this single is going to flop.. he should of used ‘real or fake’ or ‘involved’ from his black thoughts mixtape as a single… umm I wish him the best tho!


    Tyga Addict Reply:

    @nicki minaj love, This single is doing very well for it to be coming from Tyga. Stop trying to box him in. Why would he release mixtape material for his album?? .. And while you hate this song it’s his biggest single to date. Watch it do great. (:


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