Wiz Khalifa Celebrates Gold Certification of ‘Rolling Papers’

Wiz Khalifa

It was a black-and-gold affair as Wiz Khalifa celebrated his career achievements. The Pittsburgh rapper was presented with a gold plaque for selling 500,000 copies of his major label debut Rolling Papers. Atlantic Records executives toasted the Best New Artist VMA nominee, who marked the occasion with his team including longtime manager Benjy Grinberg.

In addition, his singles “Black and Yellow” and “Roll Up” were certified platinum. “These Platinum Plaques Got me Thankful For Every Positive Person In My Life,” tweeted a humbled Wiz, who is currently on tour with Big Sean.

Wiz Khalifa and Benjy Grinberg Wiz Khalifa Wiz Khalifa

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  1. maya

    took long enough

    ugly ass…


    Rico Reply:

    @maya, funny as shit


  2. ayotimoty

    good one wizkhaly


  3. kaitlynn

    where’s amber his fiancee


  4. ayotimoty

    maya hater, do wha his done then u can talk, but for now eat ur puke :)


    maya Reply:

    @ayotimoty, yea I puked from looking at his ugly ass


  5. Jooni papo



  6. RDK

    gratz Wiz keep doing you.


  7. Joy

    congratulations but i thought it reached there a WHIIIIIILEEE back…how much did he sell first week?


  8. A-sta

    @Joy some 200 or sumn units!! #Taylor Gang


  9. wayne

    it just went gold thats pretty bad actually


    LO Reply:

    @wayne, Lol.


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