Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ Soars Back Onto Albums Chart

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s music lives on. Four days after her tragic death, the soul singer’s sophomore LP has re-entered the top 10 on the albums chart.

Winehouse’s Grammy-winning effort Back to Black makes its way back onto the Billboard 200 this week at No. 9 with 37,000 copies sold in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. The week prior, it only moved 1,000 units.

Meanwhile, the late songstress’ 2004 debut Frank also climbs back onto the chart at No. 57 with 8,000. According to Billboard, there were more Winehouse albums purchased in the past week (55,000) than during the first six months of the year (44,000).

More than 95% of the album sales were comprised of downloads. Winehouse’s music is expected to see an even larger boost in sales next week after a full week’s report.

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  1. Josh

    They only care when u die.

    Her music and tortured soul will live with me forever.

    I love ya Amy gurl.


    uhuh Reply:

    @Josh, Exactly, they only care when u die. a person like me.. i didnt care when she was alive and i still dont care. sounds harsh tho. but im real


    MaZ Reply:


    The fact that you read and write a message on her post means that you care!


    MaZ Reply:

    @MaZ, I mean “shows”


    listen Reply:

    @MaZ, what do you mean? back to black was multiplatinum in the States (in addition to worldwide) and she even recieved 5 GRAMMYs which helped her have another spike in sales.


  2. uhuh

    @Josh, Exactly, they only care when u die. a person like me.. i didnt care when she was alive and i still dont care. sounds harsh tho. but im real.


  3. uhuh

    oops duplicated my comment


  4. MaZ

    Artists sell more once they died. Sad.


  5. homer simpson

    because she is a artist . ie mj or whoo ver dies they sell albums


  6. loveCRIMES

    To the people making the comments, “they only care when you die” ish, I’m here to inform y’all that Back To Black sold 12 million before she dies and was still selling all over the world before she died so know your facts before posting b.s. comments.


  7. Keneef

    People brought her album in her memory. It’s not like we can send her family flowers or a card. Out of respect for her life people brought her music. I’m sure this is what she wouldve wanted.


  8. Coleworld

    Not a surprise. I think all music lovers should have both of her albums.


  9. kb

    an artist’s work always sells when they pass away especially when they have an amazing talent. people should really check out her first album ‘frank’ too, love that album!


  10. Stephanie

    Why must someone die before they are truly appreciated? If all of the “fans/mourners” would’ve bought her cd, again or made a fan video showing their support while she was alive, that might have helped her through her struggles & I stress “might” … show/tell people you love them & support them while they are still alive, all the nice gestures/words don’t mean jack once they are dead!!! … I can’t say that I AM a “true” Amy fan, but I did buy Frank & Back to Black, while she was alive, she most def was a talented young lady #ripamy


  11. fan of a fan

    even though its an AMAZING song why are they putting it back on the charts??
    the first comment is right, they only care if your dead


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