Game Says ‘Hoodmorning’ with New Mixtape [Cover + Trailer]


Game gets ready for R.E.D. with yet another DJ Skee-hosted mixtape titled Hoodmorning (no typo): Candy Coronas, dropping August 1 at 1:11 p.m. EST. In the trailer, the “Pot of Gold” rapper previews the title track named after his signature Twitter sign-off, which samples Kanye West’s Graduation intro “Good Morning.” Drink up.

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  1. gugu

    there better be a Timbaland beat on it


    Nick Reply:

    @gugu, YES !


  2. why?

    when will game stop promoting gangs and do something constructive like work on his lyrical content? that otis remix was HORRID!!!!


    Jeffery Fatale Reply:

    @why?, I Know Right!!!… Very Well Said, and Just What I Was Thinking.


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  4. Game Says ‘Hoodmorning’ with New Mixtape [Cover + Trailer]

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  5. GO*GO

    that sample was crazy kid


  6. mB



  7. john

    Damn isn’t this the 3rd mixtape the game done put out in a year game please retire.


  8. CJ

    the red room, brake lights, purp and patron, the hangover


  9. Jon5tone

    Anybody that be hate’n go suck a fat one. Game has put out so much shit but people to fuckin worried about a god damn album. He has mixtapes. And alot of them, i dont care if he put out 3 mixtapes in one year. purp n patron and the hangover be bumpin in my ipod all day



    “Navy blue Cardinals fitted, I’m a Lunatic”

    St. Lunatics!!! Derrty Ent We All We Got. UC Me I don’t care if you lookin’ or not!


  11. Mister Bear

    The Game can’t and won’t ever produce real content.
    He can freestyle. But that’s it.

    Next Mixtape should be: GAME OVER


    wottt Reply:

    @Mister Bear, shut ur wack ass up, nigga u need educating b4 sum1 schools ur pussy ass in the paint. Retire, this nigga balls all day everyday while ur sittin on ur ass makin no paper.

    Me and game similar like that. im all bout goin hard or goin home, getting that money, stacking those dollars. Im all about pussy, pay and patron.

    bet ur wack ass dont know what patron even is? prove me wrong nigga?


  12. yup

    Game time


  13. Other@Game

    no like Game comment this post !!bitch niggga


  14. Other@Game

    no like Game, no comment this post !!bitch niggga


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