Mark Ronson Performs ‘Valerie’ in Tribute to Amy Winehouse [Video]

Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse

A day after her funeral, Amy Winehouse’s frequent collaborator Mark Ronson remembered his close friend during a show at Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London. Ronson, who produced Winehouse’s Grammy-winning album Back to Black, was joined by the late soulstress’ back-up singers while performing “Valerie,” their collaboration off his Version album.

“The genius in that woman and what she shared with us is pretty special,” Ronson told the crowd. “I’m not going to get all morbid on you. It’s just nice to be playing music to people who like good music. She is my sister, wherever she is.”

He encouraged the audience to sing along. “We want you to sing this shit as loud as you can. … Amy, this is for you.”


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  1. Gene

    almost had me in tears…that was incredible. It’s like EVERYone sang that with the spirit of Amy.


  2. loveCRIMES

    I agree. I teared up.


  3. Jellybean485

    i agree, loved that song


  4. Coleworld

    The crowd sang with so much passion. Love it.


  5. Aquierra




    why don’t you come on over Valerieeee


  7. lost1wons

    nice tribute, but not for Mark Ronson and her backup singers promoting/capitalizing themselves off of Amy’s spirit and music. Hopefully that was there last bow from doing Amy material, unless MTV Awards does a tribute, and they can replace Xtina Aguilera.


    slickjville Reply:

    @lost1wons, shut up mark and amy have mad history together
    they showing amy much respect :) #SODEALWITHIT


  8. Linda Sartori

    Everything is so Amy Winehouse.
    Why don’t you come on over Valerieeee


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