Keyshia Cole Puts Family First in Detroit

Keyshia Cole and family

A proud Keyshia Cole showed off her family backstage during her show with Miguel at Chene Park Amphitheater in Detroit on Friday night (July 29). The working mom, who shaved hearts into the sides of her hair, smiled for a photo with her husband, Cleveland Cavalier Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, and 17-month-old son Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr. aka DJ.

The star of BET’s “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” will let viewers into her life once again on her upcoming reality series “Family First.”

Keyshia Cole Keyshia Cole

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  1. Lew

    Dear Keyshia –

    You are losing cool points and relevancy with this new hair do…get it together…


    A concerned fan


    aj Reply:

    @Lew, LMAO


  2. MelyB

    I don’t like the ‘do either. My favorite Keyshia era was during Just Like You when her hair was dyed black and styled so nicely ever time I saw her.

    Re the reality show – please let it be like Monica’s and show her working on songs & in the studio & PLEASE LORD – absolutely no Neffie, Frankie, or the rest of her family. They are the reason I stopped watching her show towards the end. I wouldn’t mind seeing her adoptive parents because at least they act like they got some sense.


  3. James



  4. mmmhmm

    this picture looks ghetto as hell


  5. Stalker

    Can’t wait to see the new show, nothing better than a hot ghetto mess on EBT..oops I mean BET


  6. V

    im sorry but how old is she? she looks like a 5 year old girl who just been at her first hair dresser appointment and got asked by the hair stylist if she wanted color in her hair with those damn hearts on her head.


  7. jasz

    she is too old for that!you are a wife&mother why are you walking around with your hair like that?!


  8. Phoenix_Wright

    Don’t have to like the hair but you got to respect her. Even if it was ghetto she did what she wanted unlike people who stay with the same boring hairstyle everyday of their life


  9. kingkong

    lmaoooo cole looking so ghetto fabulous, #not cool.
    she’s a wife and a mother this not a good look .


  10. J

    keyshia is ghetto. period. she just can’t help it.


  11. just because

    To all the ppl talking bout her hair…she dont give a damn about what yall think…lmao…she getting paid no matter what her hair look like…IDIOTS


    Mwah Reply:

    @just because, really and they wanna talk about people behind a computer where nobody can see how they look and what does her hair have to do with her being a mother??


    Just because Reply:

    @Mwah, I think its funny that they take the time out to comment on something they hate.


  12. Runisdone

    Hey Keyshia, sorry hun your RUN is DONE!!! You look like a 12 year old girl..Act like a MOTHER!!! Might as well get another reality show, since nobody’s checking for your music!!!


  13. jenniika

    LMAO! What is up with her hair?!?!?! Who on earth would do something like that?????


    credits Reply:


    Her career isn’t hot enough…She just isn’t poppin’ right now for that kind of hair style to get a pass. WTH!!!


  14. Keyshia Cole Puts Family First in Detroit

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  15. Blaze

    WTF REALLY? Kesh thats not whats Hot babes sorry but you look a hot ass fool no mam.I got the album but please do better boo the 1st album is my fav


  16. ed

    forget the hair… WHAT THE HELL IS SHE WEARING????????????????????


  17. Truth_Is

    Now it’s funny that Keyshia rocks something like that, but if Nicki, Beyonce, Rihanna, hell even Keri rock something yall be over them like it’s TOP NOTCH fashion, but because Keyshia is wearing, she is ghetto?! THat fucked up!


  18. jeremydante

    not cute, at all.
    stop with the gimmicks, work on the music- develop the writing, improve on your already improving vocal quality.

    gaaahd- i hate when artists think they are doing something wrong image wise when promotion at the label is the problem.


  19. .......

    smdh…@ this 30 year old woman, running outta shit to do with herself. #fail


  20. KColeStan



  21. Lexx_Janay

    One word…TRAGIC


  22. RihannaNavy♥

    OMG I luv her hairstyle


  23. j.m.c

    Hating is a disease and you can ultimately die from it! With that being said, her hair is hot, her family looks nice, they paid, she can sing her a** off, he balling out of control,she doing concerts and t.v shows,they taking care of there baby.They look damn good as a family unit. So I say good job, I love you and everything you stand for and keep moving foward, cant wait to see the show!!!!! And hope you drope a new c.d soon so I can go out and purchase it!!!!!


  24. andy

    straight up a mess


  25. kzoe

    @j.m.c, That what I’m talking about people is so cause it’s not they azz not getting like that


  26. tracee

    ppl need to stop minding ppl business


  27. Rianna Lewis

    Kesh I love u as an artist an ur music is amazing! Haters are all around us so don’t feel bad of wat sum of them say about u or ur hair! Its gd 2 change ur apperance sumtimes an I love it! U look gr8 I’m happy that u have a family of ur own now so live life do ur thang …..cute baby!!! An 2 all ya’ll haters go jump in a cesspit hatin ass mo’fuckers!! Love u keesh can’t wait 2 see ur show!! Muahhh!!


  28. GodsGift2U

    Hi Haters KC that rocks


  29. toytoy

    im still a devoted fan regardless of her hairstyle. and her appearance has nothing to do with her beautiful talented voice.what the hell are yall going to say if she’s doing bad? damn stars cant shine for nothing the sun always has to block it ( in my sarcastic voice) POW…….TO ALL U HATERS GAFL BC IF U KNEW BETTER U WOULD DO BETTER


  30. tosha

    i love my girl hair style it’s good to be diffrent from every body. keyshia call me i would like to be in one video


  31. tosha

    850 627 6508


  32. najah

    Umm fuck all yall non – facter ass bitches ! Yall sitting here talking shit about her && she still making money ‘ OOP yall opinion don’t matter . Ima a ( BIG ) fan of Keyshia && im glad she’s back & can’t wait til her show comes on ( :


  33. jada

    Keyshia love your her and your beautiful family aww…….


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  35. kennedy

    her son is just so adorable


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