Diddy Puffs Away in Saint-Tropez


Diddy knows how to work hard and play even harder. The hip-hop mogul hit the shores of Saint-Tropez in the French Riviera for a weekend of fun in the sun. Dressed in a red shirt, white trousers, black loafers, and a straw hat, he trudged through the sand while making his way to Le Club 55. Once situated in the VIP section, Puff puffed on a cigar with director Anthony Mandler and posed for pics with his female admirers. Just another day in the life of a Bad Boy.

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  1. tea



  2. Vitamin J

    Hes about to do a Rick James on that couch!


  3. REGO



  4. rnb

    he’s on my lands!!

    seriously, he has a dream life . she looks like a tale

    good career, good buisness, brilliant children…


  5. J

    Diddy is a snake. He is a player hatin’, career killin’, talentless SNAKE


  6. Hugh

    Because i havnt seem him talk or perform in a while i like him.


  7. The Truth

    Damn, Diddy been using people, making money from ‘em, then kickin’ they ass to the curb for years. But look at these trashy ashy ankles and lack of a print… is that a vagina?


  8. Suhani

    im gone need her to put on some darn shoes up in there! the ground has ctgraetie butts and piss all over it and here come Britney Spears with no shoes on. stop it kim porter!


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