New Music: Timbaland f/ David Guetta & Pitbull – ‘Pass at Me’


Timbaland shakes up the dance floor with a preview of his new single, “Pass at Me” featuring Pitbull and fellow producer David Guetta. The fist-pumping anthem is featured in the provocative trailer for the book, Culo by Mazzucco, a collection of photos celebrating a woman’s curves. Stimulate your senses with the arousing visuals and beat.

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  1. humberto

    What a boring song…

    The video s beautiful, anyway.


    Jay Reply:

    @humberto, I agree. Grade A garbage song. I expected better from Timbaland!


  2. Blaze

    Its ok was expecting much more hiphop sound


  3. Jstamir

    Hoooowoo Thas refreshingg. Club banger no doubt. It’s already stuck in my head


  4. KC

    I recognise some of these girls from somewhere



  5. GG

    This is he worst track Timbaland has ever produced.The positive thing is that SV3 can only get better from here since it’s impossible to make an equally bad song.


  6. Blaze

    I love Timbaland an well support him its a nice dacne record tho


  7. SH

    I like it


  8. John

    The video is misogynistic rubbish.


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  10. Haze

    How the hell is it misogynistic? retard.


  11. Davidprimer

    His official DJ told this record is for ‘overseas’

    The sound of SV3 will be TOTALLY DIFFERENT & More Hip-Hop!

    Keep ur hopes up!


  12. WonderLand19

    This is the WORST Timbo track he has EVER done. WoW, i cant believe it. Why pitbull? He is a CRAP rapper.

    ARHHHHHHHH, This is utter rubbish.


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  14. ummmmm

    THIS IS HORRIBLE!! Timbaland lost it a while back. Remember Shock Value 2? HORRIBLE. LMAO @ that “Morning After Dark” song. This song is even worse.


  15. M

    Lord have mercy !!! *vomit*


  16. WonderLand19

    Oh yeah, Shock Value 2 was Utter crap too. Why would you wotk with miley cyrus?

    He needs to stop thinking about the ‘Paper’ and create sick beats and hot rythmes.


  17. Hugh

    This is really different

    Wanted to hear more Tim though
    Maybe the official version will have another verse or something


  18. DJInVincible74

    What a spicy number! This doesn’t sound like anything Timbaland has ever done before. It’s nice to see him keeping things fresh. Love this track!


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