New Music: Tinie Tempah – ‘Otis (Freestyle)’

Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah tackles “Otis” with a quick-fire freestyle. During his appearance on Malcgeez Freestyle Mondays, the U.K. rapper went off the top of the dome spitting lines in his British accent. “I want that Willow and Jaden and Will Smith money,” he professes. Did he do the song justice? You decide.

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  1. Yeah

    got damn this track it wack
    overrated rappers


    @YaserLad Reply:

    @Yeah, I can always count on @Yeah.


  2. Oh Please

    Oh alright sir..i see you..this was decent.


  3. Yeah

    he iight :)


  4. WhatTheF

    He killed it.


  5. bknyhustle

    like how he swaggin out the brit accent on it too…am officialy a fan now


  6. @YaserLad

    #F**KWRONGWITU? This Punk thinks his the ting. Poor Jay and Ye! I’m so annoyed this dumb chick, makes me sick.


  7. Yurp!

    Tinie is DOPE. He’s the Drake of Europe & all over seas….
    He breakin records…#BUFF.
    I can’t wait til they catch on….


  8. feenixa

    1. he killed it. didn’t trip himself up and the flow was consistent
    2. that was straight off the dome…no pre-written shit. gotta respect that
    3. british accent is sexy


  9. Carlos Bonegro

    SWEAR DOWN im from england and this is the best ive ever heard Tinie Tempah rap before haha its a shock
    Ive got new respect for him


  10. StarsRblind

    “I only like girls; I’m kinda sexist.” I’m impressed! Time to go look up some of his songs.


  11. Humz

    Sigh.. It’s hard to hear with the vocals on the instrumental..


  12. Sugaroc

    He was ok. I think UK female rapper Phreeda Sharp kills harder on #rapspills YouTube phreedasharpchannel1.


  13. My name is nt Needed

    @Yeah you hatin just because some of your americans cant mathc TINIE! (Tinie Voice)


  14. Dave

    He did great. He freestyled very consistently with like no breaks.


  15. WonderLand19

    LOVED IT! I lovin Tinie’s hustle and grind. His working really hard in the US and getting his name around. Rappers should do Freestyles more often. Some Rapper are WAY too comfortable. I could name 5 right now easy!

    @Yeah, Your fav could never :)


  16. Tinie Tempah

    Thanks for all your comments I appreciate it! @sugaroc I checked out Phreeda Sharps #rapspills and I have to say I am VERY impressed, that girl can spit!!!!! Wow. I wouldn’t mind doing a track with her in the future!
    Thanks again to everyone. TT


    pippaAz Reply:

    @Tinie Tempah, OMG you are right Phreeda Sharp is good! You both on a track would be dope!


    TGFIBOY Reply:

    @Tinie Tempah, love your freestyle! I checked out Phreeda Sharp’s youtube and OMG she is sick!! Nicki Better watch out hahaha


    Trueff Reply:

    @Tinie Tempah, your amazing……..Why hasn’t the world heard of Phreeda yet???? #rapspill 2 is my fav….wouldnt wanna be any of the people she talking about!


  17. KC

    Is this the real Tinie Tempah!?


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  19. Deak-in

    *sigh* always the shit UK rappers that get noticed. Kano is in another league compared to cunty Tempah. He’s so underrated even though he had a feature on Gorillaz ‘Plastic Beach’ album.


  20. TazerU

    What are you on about @deak-in??? Kano really??? He also sucks, his tone is probably the worst part not to mention none of his music sounds good! Why he made it at all beats me and where is he now! I am so annoyed that all the so called UK rappers who have made it are just shit! They are either crap like Wiley or look like 13 year olds like chipmunk and tinchy!!!
    They never seem to be able to bring out a track with good lyrics that sounds as good as what the US rappers do.
    I must admit the only decent thing Tine has said is about this UK Female rapper Phreeda Sharp, I hope she makes it so she can show these fools how it’s done!


  21. TazerU

    Kano really???? @deal-in he is shit just like the rest of the other uk male rappers. I mean how about coming out with a track that sounds good and makes sense. Most of those fools shouldn’t bother! They are either old like Wiley or look like 13 yr olds like chipmunk n tinchy! The only decent thing Tinie said was about Phreeda Sharp, I hope she makes so she can show these fools how it’s done! Kano, pleaseeeee!


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