New Music: Jason Derulo – ‘It Girl’

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo finds his “It Girl” on the second single from his sophomore album Future History (Sept. 27). On the whistling tune, which serves as the follow-up to his top 10 hit “Don’t Wanna Go Home,” the lovestruck crooner sings the praises of a lovely lady, comparing her to his greatest hit. “Gossip Girl” actress Tika Sumpter co-stars as Jason’s “It Girl” in the video, which was recently shot.

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  1. KD

    cute song..wanna see the video now lol


  2. DreamsMoneyCanBuy



  3. Triniti

    Nice, Jason!


  4. J. Peezy



  5. KC

    Chris Brown wannabe


    Triniti Reply:

    @KC, He isn’t until he beats his girlfriend. Hater.


    KC Reply:

    @Triniti, Its the truth, I like the song, it will be a hit but everything about him just says Chris Brown. Maybe the only reason this guy broke out is because Chris Brown beat his GF, ironically?


    monique Reply:

    @KC, hi what up is he sexy or what


  6. Yeah



  7. ed

    *falls asleep* so so so generic.


  8. Bob



  9. creampie

    better than the sh_tty “Don’T Wanna Go Home”..


  10. Jayden Raber

    the ONE song where he doesnt say His name in it Great song GO JASON


  11. Ricky V

    Ha! I like. It’s got that catchy whistle just like Britney Spears – I Wanna Go. lol. I like Jason Derulo as a writer though. Good lyrics.


  12. LaLa

    This one’s NICE!
    Another hit!


  13. King R

    really fresh and radio friendly… **** 4/5


  14. AmbeRussell

    maybe he should be a single singer n not release albums bc i dont feel ppl are really checking for a full album from him. i mean as far as his singles, they do really well, his 1st 3 went 2+mill. each. where as his album did well over seas, here, no so much


    Haters Stay Pressed! Reply:

    @AmbeRussell, I feel the same way! He may have successful singles but his albums don’t sell. He already said he was gonna take a break to focus on ‘acting’ so hopefully he does that.


  15. Haters Stay Pressed!

    Um…it’s so Ok. I don’ think it’s anything special, sounds like all his other shit.
    Atleast he didn’t say his name at the beginning of the song like he always does! That shit is soo annoying!

    I seriously cannot stop laughing at his face in that pic! He always looks so damn fruity.


  16. rnb

    chris brown wannabe..

    the definition of jason derulo
    but the jason derulo songs look like disney songs


  17. miami55

    Jason Derulo is 5 times better then Chris Brown. Chris Brown shouldnt even have a job anymore. So Jason Derulo is an R&B Rap artists who actually likes his job. So his music’s alittle bouncy since none of you people write the songs he sings don’t complain. If you don’t like his music don’t listen to it problem solved.


  18. Ashley

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