Video: Hamilton Park – ‘Thing Called Us’

Hamilton Park

Emotions run high in the video for Hamilton Park’s “Thing Called Us,” a single off the R&B quartet’s Atlantic Records debut. The Atlanta group, which consists of Mr. Marcus Lee, Royce P., Chris Voice, and Anthony, sings in the rain as the coming-of-age story plays out. Anthony learns that his girlfriend is pregnant, but will the life-changing news tear the lovers apart? Find out what happens.

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  1. Yeah

    Jagged Edge Rip offs


  2. Yarrrrrrey



  3. Reed

    Refreshingly hip and romantic.


  4. AAA

    I saw this on lo6 & park last night, at first I thought it was corny ass group, but I heard sat listen and watched it…i liked it


  5. @IamMrHAndsome

    Not the next big this for a FACT! They sound to much like B2k and other old groups M. Houston and Omarion to be exact


    Leo Reply:

    @@IamMrHAndsome, B2K, really? I don’t hear it or see it at all.


    Michelle Reply:

    @Leo, Basically Son..!! Ahhahhaaaa..!! :D


  6. Ice

    People may criticize them for being similar to old groups lie Jagged Edge or Immature, but those groups are pretty much irrelavent right now (Jagged Edge’s new album failed to produce a hit single for example). I see plenty of potential in this group. Someone has to keep the tradition of a good R&B boy band going, it doesn’t look like Day26 is gonna do it.


  7. perhaps

    They remind me of one chance who will soon be back on the scene. Anyway it does sound like something from the past that could be a good and a bad thing it can work for them or against them. I liked the rain shots it was at times slightly on the corny side but I can respect the hustle and the effort I like song.


  8. Blaze

    I like them there dope reminds me of the good 90′s music I love real singing.


  9. YOng

    music like’s 10 years ago. But not bad.


  10. MusicKING12

    I like this song a lot ….but did anybody notice that old XBOX in the vid? lol time for an upgrade lol


  11. Trac-E

    Yas! Day26 is back!


  12. CheChilia

    I love it <333


  13. keke

    I so luv u guys, I had a chance to meet ya on the Scream Tour 11-4-2011 N the Port,city.The show was amazin, I never knew about this group untill then, an i feel in luv with u guys, We need sum slow good music now an days, feelin the cd …
    Much luv too ya!!!! an keep doin what u do.


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