Lil Wayne Is All Smiles in VMA Promo Shoot

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is over the moon about his two VMA nominations. Weezy F. Baby was grinning from ear to ear while shooting his promo for the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, playing the guitar and holding a Moonman while wearing denim shorts and a straw hat. He will release his long-awaited album Tha Carter IV immediately following his performance on the show, airing live from Los Angeles on August 28 at 9 p.m.

Check out some behind-the-scenes pics from the set and watch Wayne unleash his inner rock star in the promo video.

Photo credit: Eric Johnson/MTV

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  1. Daverizzle

    hmm…Hiphop of today !!! CRAZYSTUFF !!!


    StarsRblind Reply:

    @Daverizzle, He’s not “Hiphop”; he’s a rapping rockstar.


    Ruthy Reply:

    @StarsRblind, And a gremlin


    TEAM WORLD Reply:

    @Ruthy, He also is dumb Ass


    buttawaynefan Reply:

    @StarsRblind, indeed he is!!! hes a musician


    Chri$ Reply:

    @Daverizzle, Dude, Hip Hop doesn’t exist anymore:(


  2. Yeah

    Leather Face.


  3. tea



  4. Yo!

    Why is he dressed like Tyler the Creator??


    uhuh Reply:

    @Yo!, he doesnt even know tyler lol


    Yo! Reply:

    @uhuh, of course he knows Tyler dont be silly. He was talking about Odd Future in an interview recently.


    Momojunkie Reply:

    @Yo!, hs lol i argee hahahahaha


    fiona Reply:

    @Yo!, I thought that too :D


  5. KO

    he’s so cute, i love it.


  6. jewlz

    umm why is he dressed like that i hope his stylist aint dress him cause he look crazy


  7. ponyo

    That don’t look right


  8. Isis



  9. rnb

    @Yo! Lil wayne made Gaylord the creator more than Game

    btw, this night will be epic! hope he will perform “How to love” and “look at me know”


  10. blazewon22

    Wow thats gangsta these days!?!


  11. muska

    LOL the Turkish flag on his T shirt!! :D :D :D


  12. Shellz

    Don’t post if you can’t spell!!



    Wtf is he wearing? I’m a big supporter but them clothes have to go. Swag? NO.


  14. Carter 4 going wood

    rip lil waynes career. u did this to urself


  15. Oh Please

    dem tatts gotta dude lookin dirty!


  16. Oguzhan

    His swagg is moonwalkin’..


  17. jason

    wat watch is he wearing please respond!


  18. Ruth

    Where can I buy the tshirt he’s wearing???


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