Rap-Up TV: Bridget Kelly Talks Roc Nation Debut, Frank Ocean, & Jay-Z

Jay-Z knows talent when he sees it. The man who discovered Rihanna and Young Jeezy is getting ready to introduce the world to his next superstar, Bridget Kelly. The Roc Nation signee shared details about her debut exclusively with Rap-Up TV during a visit to Roc Nation’s L.A. offices this week.

The album’s direction has changed from a year ago when we first spoke with the songstress. Instead of going in a rock route, Bridget is tapping into her raw emotions, calling on hitmakers including Frank Ocean, The-Dream, Ne-Yo, James Fauntleroy, and Shea Taylor.

“The direction has really become much more of an emotional-driven album as opposed to it being sonically rock,” she explained. “I think it’s a lot more vibey. I think a lot of the records that we have are still very aggressive, but they’re representing a much more fragile side of me as well as an aggressive side and not so angry, in your face as I wanted to be before.”

The New York native, who performed “Empire State of Mind” with Jay-Z on tour, also spoke about working with Odd Future’s Frank Ocean on her first single “Thinking About Forever.” “It’s sort of a vulnerable track and I wanted everyone to feel me.”

Jay-Z has been a hands-on boss and offered his protégé honest feedback. “It’s really rare to have the person who runs your label tell you that they want more from you. He demands the best,” she said.

Prior to launching her debut, Bridget will release a digital EP consisting of four to five songs including “Thinking About Forever.”

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  1. Yeah




    i love Her and i hope she don’t sellout to much…


  3. ella

    oooohweeee! i can’t wait!!!!


  4. Phoenix_Wright

    damn she is working with a lot of big names, I hope she is getting her writing credits in.


    jujubee Reply:

    @Phoenix_Wright, but i personally think an artist who gives credit to who writes their music and helps write their music are more RESPECTABLE than the ones that claim to write EVERYTHING


    Phoenix_Wright Reply:

    @jujubee, yeah true, I’m just hoping she is co-writing too, just so she can get more money in her bank


  5. CallmeRayaa

    She’s amazing, can’t wait her album comes out !!


  6. Bey-Bey

    she seems mad cool


  7. love on top

    shea taylor, Frank Ocean, The-Dream, and James Fauntleroy are the HANDS DOWN the best songwriters out right now


  8. Thadd

    I’m excited for her and these projects she has coming. Hopefully her music will stand out from what we already hear [and see] from other female artists out right now, and that she is received well commercially.


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