New Music: Teairra Mari f/ Rico Love – ‘That’s All Me’

Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari takes it back to the ’90s by singing over a sample of Puff Daddy & the Family’s classic “It’s All About the Benjamins” on the Rico Love-penned “That’s All Me.”

“Been searching and I finally found someone who can cure all my lonely/ Won’t let you go, no way boy, no how/ I’ma need you as my one and only,” sings Teairra before Mr. Turn the Lights On spits a verse.

The song will appear on Division1/BMajor DJ T. Neal’s forthcoming album Not Your Average DJ.

Teairra Mari f/ Rico Love – “That’s All Me”

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  1. Cheers



  2. bey/gaga

    it´s all about the benjamins beat diddy will sue


    Cassidy Reply:

    @bey/gaga, STFU you sound foolish RICO did this beat yall always got some negative shit to say but FANS or Beyonce & GAGA them too not even on that kinda TIP at all work Teairra Love the new WORK FUK these hating as low life PUNKS


  3. icons

    puff daddy will sue you for using his beat


    step it up Reply:

    @icons, rico love wrote “hello good morning” for diddy. he ain’t gonna sue.


    TeamTeairraNY Reply:

    @step it up, Bam! lol


    AConcernedCitizen Reply:

    @icons, check the credits. Diddy sampled himself.


    credits Reply:


    I’m sure they got some sort of clearance.


  4. rih fan



  5. bey/gaga

    not nice


  6. tay

    i like it=]


  7. P. Griffin



  8. Ice

    She’s definitely improving, this is a nice track!


  9. wow



  10. TeamTeairraNY

    Love it! #TeamTeairra!


  11. incognegro

    Well done Teairra!!! I love the fight in this chick – no matter how many hateful messages people leave about her music, and no matter how much folks try to kill her dream, she keeps it moving! The song was really nice and easy to listen to – not particulary memorable, but of the same good quality that Teairra has always released. I am also glad that Rico and Teairra have linked back up, as he produced majority of the last mixtape/album (At That Point), and they have good synergy. I just hope that people (particularly her label) continue to support Teairra, because she’s capable of doing great things. Her record deal with The Roc was no fluke, this chick is talented. Hopefully everyone will realize that there’s enough success to go around, and that in order to support your favorite artist you don’t have to tear down another. Positive thinking folks. Great Job Teairra, I look forward to hearing more from you!!!!


    @materialmayne Reply:

    @incognegro, i def #cosign everything u said. this chick is very determined just by looking at all the songs and videos she released this yr. hope she gets her break!


  12. bela



  13. V

    amazing!!! #teamteairra


  14. aaa

    Love it. Quality music >>> Rihanna’s singles.


  15. Haters Stay Pressed

    It’s cute. Nothing special, it sounds like every other thing she has released. All her songs sound like hood anthems, nothing of substance. She has a decent voice but it doesn’t stand out. RIhanna can’t sing for shit but at least her voice is unique & she has catchy songs that aren’t just aimed at a urban fanbase.

    I liked her and I was rooting for her for a minute but I am just tired of rooting for her. She continues to unimpress me. Good luck to her anyways.


  16. PrettyTia_Songz

    Damn can Teairra live ? If your not checking for her music don’t listen..

    Anyway the song is nice i hope big things happen for her she’s talented & hardworking!!!


    TaVonya Reply:

    @PrettyTia_Songz, & that’s true ! Her mixtapes go hard & she been through alot so she deserves it !


  17. HIPHOP

    Good One…keep it up Teairra!!


  18. R@@

    Alright NOW Im liking this…IM just grooving in my seats to this…Rico Im feeling your productions…Teairra keep grinding and when your time come dont backdown…!


  19. joe franco

    shit is hard!!!


  20. Phoenix_Wright

    got me moving, this is dope


  21. MusiqLover

    Love this song! She’s amazing. This is album quality.


  22. TeamTeairra

    Keep doing you’re thing ma


  23. its me

    Teairra Mari better be easy before Voletta Wallace comes after her like she did Lil Kim for jumping on that Biggie track….LOL


  24. maya

    *takes nap*


  25. New Music: Teairra Mari f/ Rico Love – ‘That’s All Me’ |

    [...] [...]

  26. Cassidy



  27. SynceR3

    smooth track!!! shes a damn go getter!!!


  28. Lil' Nello

    This is a really smooth but dope nice uptempo song! I’m really surprised they aren’t using it for Teairra’s long-delayed sophomore album cause it sounds like it has hit potential!


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