New Music: Tyrese f/ Ludacris – ‘Too Easy’

Too Easy

Ludacris rides shotgun with his Fast & Furious co-star Tyrese on the bass-heavy “Too Easy,” one of the new singles from the latter’s upcoming album Open Invitation. The Transformers actor sings about jet-setting, haters, and his effortless style, while Luda gets in the sheets with two foreign chicks on his fly verse. Swag central.

Tyrese f/ Ludacris – “Too Easy”

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  1. Orlando



    Yeah Reply:

    Its rubbish. Breezy can do better in his sleep. Lets be honest now. Lol


  2. Cheers

    T-paining too much :/


  3. Yeah

    I have small one:/


    P. Griffin Reply:




  4. Ice

    I don’t really like it, maybe its a grower.


  5. KimIsTheQueen

    Ummmmm no. Tyrese this is a no. This sounds like everything the other R&B dudes are doing. He was once a great artist but I see he’s just following the wave. Get off that t-pain sound, you actually have a voice!


  6. trippen67



  7. King

    Nice Ludacris verse


  8. RealMusic

    This is a fail. This does sound like something T-Pain would do


  9. True

    Honestly the fact that it sounds like tpain aint the worst part; the worst thing is its not his kind of music, this is more like chris brown lookat me style which he doesnt do well at all; he should do more modern rnb like trey songz or r kelly because hes a grown man and not a young guy


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  11. Oh Please

    It’s good for the club!


  12. Hugh

    The yeah’s sound like Michael Jackson!


  13. credits

    It’s been soooo long that i actually forgot that tyrese use to sing lol. He needs to stick to his traditional r&b sound. ‘sweet lady’ ‘lately’ and ‘signs of love making’. Go back Tyrese!


  14. Lala

    Auto tuned trash pop!
    What a messthis business has become! Even moderate singers like him are getting the autotune treatment!
    Americans have killed rap, Hip hop and now R&B and pop…Allof the things Americans did well!


  15. Jevon

    This song is hot! The beat is knockin’ better than that white crap that people are trying to pass off as real R&B. Tyrese is fine on this song. He is not rapping which he was doing before Chris Brown so how in the hell is he trying to copy him? Did ya’ll forget about Black Ty? This song is better than Look at me now. Also there is no auto-tune on this song. If you listen to Rese sing live his voice sound EXACTLY like this. The only thing is they put an effect on his voice but it isn’t autotune like t-pain.


  16. JB

    Pop Champagne♪ Lol


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