Trailer #2: Jay-Z x Kanye West – ‘Watch the Throne’

Less than two days to go until hip-hop history is made.

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  1. Jooni papo

    I can’t wait !!


  2. jimscreechie

    That OTIS beat is so TASTY tho.


  3. Converse

    Who ready for Watch The Toilet 2 leak?


    Ben p Reply:

    @Converse, hahaha fuck yeah im dl fuck Wtt album. fuck these arogrant prick they dont care bout their fans! so why would i make them richer


    bknyhustle Reply:

    @Ben p, the blueprint 4 whatever they wanna call it. both these ni99as last shit sucked…well not Kanye’s so much but still i’m on the fence about this shit…fuck the hype.


    uhuh Reply:

    @Ben p, actually they dont make money off selling albums. touring is where its at. oh and tickets is sold out. so suck on that


    Shade Reply:

    @Converse, Wow you guys are a bunch of idiots.


  4. uhuh

    them louboutin shoes are so dope


  5. Yeah

    This is a trailer? Damn Jay n’ Ye need to get on that real shit not this I don’t need to pre mote boat!


  6. Ice

    @P. Griffin, you post this on everything, lol.

    (PS: Tell Lois I said hi, lmao)


  7. TDOT

    Jay and Yeezy gonna do low #’s and nobody’s gonna buy tix to their gay show because tix are expensive and we’re sliding right back into another recession.

    Niccas ain’t got 250 for tickets, you fuckboys.
    just accept that your “Throne” ain’t worth dick and go back to making regular records, morons.


    Dj10 Reply:

    @TDOT, sounds like someones a bit mad no one bought there mixtape run along kid number 1 on itunes and that shit aint even been released yet guess thats just the people who arnt cheap



    This shit gone be epic. They gone change the game!


  9. KimIsTheQueen

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!


  10. Big C

    Snippets were released. That N****s In Paris beat is on another level!!!!!!!!!!


  11. King Dro

    How dare they be so fresh lol


  12. jordan

    maaaaaaaaaaan. This is going to be an epic.


  13. isabella!

    Looks like jay-z and kanye west have done the impossible. So far their album has not leaked and it gets released tomorow! with the exception of the first two singles and the song that’s my b#@!h.


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