Cee Lo Green Lives Dangerously at Lollapalooza

Cee Lo Green

Soul warrior Cee Lo Green commanded the stage on Day 2 of Lollapalooza at Grant Park in Chicago. Looking every bit like a rock star in spiked football shoulder pads with chains, the Lady Killer performed a dangerous set consisting of his solo hits and Gnarls Barkley material, plus covers of Danzig’s “Mother” and Billy Idol’s “Flesh for Fantasy.” But despite the showy display, he still had a tough time winning over festivalgoers, some of who booed him. “I don’t give a fuck,” tweeted Cee Lo later that night.

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  1. Andre

    LOL awesome


  2. WatchTheThrone

    he somehow reminds me of the bad chick from little mermaid….


  3. **life**

    lol he’s so wierd..


  4. Stu

    He was awful, start to finish one of the worst sets i’ve ever seen. He’s nothing without the other (bigger) half of Gnarles Barkley.


  5. Thereal.

    Man what happened Cee Lo? I know times are hard but this…? You don’t need to embarrass yourself for sales


  6. TheIllest

    lady gaga i mean Cee loo


  7. Damian !!!!

    Love Cee Lo’s Music & He’s Very Talented But Fuck Told Him To Step Out Side In Day Light With That Shit On ?


  8. Jay

    That’s a big hot ass mess. Is this a Halloween special?


  9. PrettyTia_Songz

    No shade but Cee-lo is too little/short for all that weight hes carrying.It looks like a struggle for him to move around.


  10. WhiteChocolate

    Nobody should hate on Cee-Lo. He looks ridiculous but that’s the point.


    The Gust Reply:

    @WhiteChocolate, I like Cee Lo’s album… but his set SUCKED.

    While the technical difficulties weren’t his fault, he was off key a few times. At one point he tried to start jamming on a keyboard, but he hit the wrong notes. Most of the songs he played weren’t great for pumping up the crowed.

    He was clearly getting frustrated, but I lost a lot of respect for him when he said something to the effect of “I made a huge sacrifice to perform for you guys this evening”. Uhhhh, ok. You only are being PAID to perform Cee Lo, while we’re paying 90+ dollars to stand in shit (rain from the day before muddied the entire area around the stage).

    At the end of his early-finished set, he quipped “Enjoy Eminem”.



  11. andy



  12. C94B

    The “spiked football shoulder pads with chains” may be a tribute to Legion of Doom, a legendary professional wrestling tag team originating from Chicago who used to wear this kind of pads on their way to the ring.


  13. kevin

    it was like he was saying f you to his fans, it was so bad, really horrible.


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