New Music: J. Cole – ‘Any Given Sunday #2′

Any Given Sunday #2

J. Cole serves up more free music with the second part of his Any Given Sunday series. The Roc Nation rapper, who shot a video for his new single with Trey Songz this weekend, plans to release new material every Sunday until his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story drops on September 27. Download the three tracks—”Bring ‘Em In,” “Roll Call,” and “Be Freestyle”—below.

Download: J. Cole – Any Given Sunday #2

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  1. Brionna

    Finally Cole World!!!!!


  2. Cheers

    chills #ColeWorld


  3. King

    cole world no blanket


  4. Winston Churchill

    overrated. average generic kendrick lamar is wayy better but cole is iight. overrated but iight. ama fan.


    Lisa Reply:

    @Winston Churchill, you don’t mean ‘light’ as in ‘light-skinned’, do you?


  5. uhuh

    I’m bumping this sh&t nonstop. seeya


    Oh Please Reply:

    @uhuh, Lift Off is iight…tell me im


    uhuh Reply:

    @Oh Please, i dont even like lift off like that im bumping NIGGAZ IN PARIS, ILLEST MF ALIVE, MADE IT IN AMERICA AND WHO GON STOP ME HUH???


    shady Reply:

    @uhuh, I had watch the throne since the minute it came out and it´s amazing.


  6. Tachuu



  7. Edgar

    I stop listening to these other rappers i just cut them out all i listen to is Jcole been listening to him since 07 dude is takin ova the game if Jay dont pay attention to him his a true idiot thats why nobody cares for his stupid watch the throne people want COLE WORLD JAYYY stop screwing over good artists man your 45 why cant you lead this kid to be like kanye he can produce you have jay electronica also like come one jay stop being diddy smh


  8. Triniti

    Dope, J…as usual :)


  9. Phoenix_Wright

    O_O at him making a video for “Can’t Get Enough”, =) I’m so happy about that right now. And I will definitely check the EP out when I wake up in the morn.


  10. ColeWorld

    COLE WORLD….J.Cole is the best new thing belieee dat


  11. maya

    Looking forward to it & will BUY it :)


  12. Download: J. Cole’s Any Given Sunday Vol. 2 « Consequence of Sound

    [...] addition, the MC also plans to release more free music every Sunday until his debut LP drops (via Gooooaaaaalll!Said debut, Cole World: The Sideline Story, is due for release September 27th via [...]

  13. Real Issh

    Could he release “Work Out” video so that his buzz can be bigger ? He’s my fave rapper & deserves success .


  14. Darryl@Tx

    Here a good question why would you put a mixtape out this month anyway. its four good rapper dropping albums this month you not about to get any play at all.


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