New Music: Bow Wow f/ Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, & 2 Chainz – ‘I’ma Stunt’

Lil Wayne and Bow Wow

Bow Wow flaunts his money on “I’ma Stunt,” his flashy collaboration with DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, and 2 Chainz off his Greenlight 4 mixtape, due August 15.

“Your career is dead/ Shit, put it in a hearse/ Still get 70k for a verse,” boasts the 24-year-old MC, who is readying his Cash Money debut for a November 1 release.

Bow Wow f/ Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, & 2 Chainz – “I’ma Stunt”

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  1. MeloRockstarr

    Bow Wow just take care of your daughter. Im not even trying to be funny but do yall think he gone sell when he drop an album? I just think it will flop but only time will tell….


    Wow Reply:

    @MeloRockstarr, No you’re right. Many peoPle aren’t even checking for his FREE music. I doubt people will be willing to pay for it.


    Ant Reply:

    @Wow, No, your all wrong! look at his twitter nobody follows and tweets him just because they like his avatar. smh


  2. buttascott

    cant wait til tha carter 4 love lil wayne


  3. Triniti

    @MeloRockstarr, Agreed!


  4. Lil Dee

    Wow I Was Waitin For That Collaboration From A Long Time Bow Wow ft WeeZy, Damn I’m Sure Its Dope Doe


  5. Lil Dee

    @MeloRockstarr You’re Right …. But I Will Buy His Album He Is A Very Good Good Rapper Doe ….@buttascott Well I Am Waitin For Lil Waynes Album To0 Drops 2 …. LOVE Lil Wayne (NO HOMO)


  6. PG3

    This track is atleast four years old, it came out the same time as umma do me by rocko.


    MusicKING12 Reply:

    @PG3, Yea, I mean the lyrics (somewhat) are new but the beat is old ….I’m a still support him but this is hot mess, but I guess leaks are the blame too, because if it wasn’t for leaks we would never heard this yrs ago


  7. Didje

    F*** this is a 3 years-old song! Plus it was etter before !! What the fuck is this verse Bow Wow ?!


  8. JHP

    This was supposed to go on his New Jack City album, this song old. 2chainz made it worse. Oh well, that joint he was working on with Busta & Chris Breezy sounded dope


  9. tosha22

    this clown will be broke by time he’s 35 the way he’s going. but i kinda feels sorry for bow wow wishing him well.


  10. Fan Of A Fan

    shad gregory moss please stick to acting. im a fan of your acting not your music


  11. @Relly_Jay

    SMH! this song is like 3 years old!


  12. Sexy_Sabe

    So what if the song is 3 yrs old? Ur point? If the song was never officially released why wouldnt they re release it? Artists do that all the time, I swear yall niggas make hatin yall full time job damn. This nigga is young rich and attractive and yall cant stand it huh? He is the Prince of Hip Hop jus face it, damn niggas use 2 hate on bowwow in HS but damn he grown n we grown, nigga couldnt be 13 foever. What makes it so bad is this song is fire, and if it was drake wack ass sayin da same lyrics bnow did yall would love it! Fake ass dick riders, yall da reason hiphop is dead, cuz of fuckin bandwagon ass followers.


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