50 Cent, Kreayshawn Put On a Show in Atlantic City

Lil Jon and Kreayshawn

Kreayshawn got crunk with Lil Jon at the Promo Only Summer Sessions concert at the Showboat Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City last night. The polarizing femcee, who was recently nominated for Best New Artist at the VMAs, wore a “Yo Gabba Gabba!” shawl as she performed with her DJ Lil’ Debbie.

“Lil Jon just came up to me and said wassup that’s hard! He’s the man!!! OKKK!!!” tweeted an excited Kreayshawn, who was criticized for her recent freestyle on Cosmic Kev’s “Da Come Up Show” (video below).

50 Cent was also in the house and took the stage along with his G-Unit crew Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Hot Rod.

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  1. Carl Ray



  2. BLAZE



  3. savt1st

    Kreashawyn is going to blowup whether or not yall like it so stop hating, you’re only makin her more popular. Her following is growing by the day.


  4. iRene

    Kreayshawn = Wack. Her buzz a die down in a while, She’ll be just like Lil Mama.


  5. uhuh

    I’m ashamed oh hip hop nowadays. how can u seriously support this chick. lil b or any of these corny niggaz. i advice you to watch the throne


    ska Reply:

    @uhuh, truth


  6. King Dro

    Her freestyle wasn’t Bad at least it was actually off the top and not somethin written like most people in the biz


    fizzle Reply:

    “No dirty socks, im a clean girl. I rock your world like a spice girl. Im falling off my chair cuz im so high man”…..gra sit. lol that was the only good song on the mixtape and i still ain’t impressed all these months later.


  7. brian

    agreed, it wasn’t bad until he asked her to keep going. seriously from off the dome, not bad.


    Kanye has ghostwriters Reply:

    @brian, boy fick ya ear! That shit was horrible! Oh yeah fuck Watch the throne euro trash!


  8. Steve

    Did she really Say Faker than Rick Ross ? & Last week she released a Wiz Khalifa diss, she’s doing to much for a Newcomer.


  9. jimscreechie

    Awww man, i mess with Krey’ but that freestyle was wack for real lol.


  10. ashley

    lol sorry haters this chick is getting popular minute by minute… she isnt going no where for a while.


  11. Lala

    She lazy flow! SHE FE-MAZE!
    Kinda boring…Imonna turn on some MC LYte right now!


  12. pimpgod

    niiiiccce… another pot head in the game just what we need
    her lyrics are like (A B C)(1 2 3) boringggg!!!


  13. WonderLand19

    Wow! I was actually staring to like her but this made me WAKE UP. That was Horrible. All rappers should freestyle so that we can see who has ACTUALLY talent and who are just ‘Show Ponys’.

    She is just a ‘Show Pony’.


  14. raerae119

    she sound like SHIT like a JOKE she can’t rap she can’t write she SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSS


  15. Lisa

    I just don’t understand her… That was horrible. Doesn’t she have anyone around her telling it like it is? It’s a shame that nowadays you can become successful without having raw talent. Some of y’all really need to re-evaluate who you’re stanning for, ’cause this is downright ridiculous.


  16. Chrissy poo

    Get outa here! I’m not hatin at all it’s clear as day she’s wack. I swear soulja boi opened the gateway to trash rappers/music. But guess what……..shell be the next hot thing because the young kids LOVE TRASH, plus she’s cute Shes different! If u wanna be an artist, you know what they say, ” If you can’t beat em join em”!


    pimpgod Reply:

    @Chrissy poo, + she smokes- all she as to do is rap about it- and people will eat that up
    sooooo wwwack


  17. T

    Shes not even gonna blow up as a gimmick. Notes: Nikki Minaj, Rick Ross


    yes sir Reply:

    @T, Every artist is a gimmick


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