Game Under Investigation After Tweeting L.A. Sheriff’s Phone Number


Game is up to more trouble. The “Red Nation” rapper had Compton sheriff’s phone lines ringing off the hook after giving out the station’s number on Twitter.

It all started when Game offered his 580,000 Twitter followers an internship at his label Black Wall Street, prompting them to call the provided number to apply. But instead of hearing a BWS representative on the other end, callers were directed to the Compton police department.

The L.A. Sheriff’s Department opened a criminal investigation following the chaos-causing tweet, reports the Los Angeles Times. As a result, hundreds of callers bombarded the emergency phone system, delaying service.

“This was beyond irresponsible,” said Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker. “The deputies’ ability to answer the phones and dispatch personnel to help these people in danger was significantly impeded.”

Extra deputies were needed to handle the high amount of calls. It was unknown how many legitimate emergency calls did not get through because all lines were engaged for over two hours.

“Yall can track a tweet down but cant solve murders ! Dat was an accident but maybe now yall can actually do yall job !!!! #iSpeak4ThePeople,” tweeted Game after Parker asked him to remove the tweet.

Investigators are compiling a criminal complaint and will pass their findings to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office for criminal filing. “Each phone call made does open the possibility for an additional charge,” added Parker.

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  1. Candace

    *sucks teeth* Chile please


  2. uhuh

    game tweets like he’s jobless. where did it go wrong, fam?
    Elite rappers do not tweet #Fact.
    Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil Wayne. everybody below that is just a regular famous rapper.


    Ricardo Reply:

    I will put Wiz Khalifa on top of your list. 4 million followers 11million in the ban.k.@uhuh,


    My name is nt Needed Reply:

    @uhuh, that is bullocks Kanyewest only stopped tweeting and weezy tweets all the time #Fact


    Mellz Reply:

    Really? We put Wiz Khalifa in the “Elite” rapper section. 1 barely gold album in? ‘Ye stopped tweeting in March & only just came back for promotional reasons. Weezy doesn’t tweet by himself he has other people doing it for him. & $11,000,000 in the bank is play bread to an elite rapper


  3. Buzz

    Damn, that’s so ‘OG’. =p

    Maybe it wasn’t the best way to go about it, but it got the attention that perhaps he himself wanted.

    Game has what, 2 albums left to release? Maybe he can run to become the Mayor of Compton, or whatever it would fall under.

    If he wants change, he should step up to the plate and make it his own responsibility. Not get thousands upon thousands of people to bombard the police department, which kinda contradicts what his main objective was.

    Ah well. Any publicity is good publicity, right?


  4. Music Lover

    Thats good for his dumb stupid ass. I hope the LA sheriff press charges against his immature ass.

    This is all karma for him


  5. DRB

    Is he stupid? And please, tell me how that would have been an accident. If you’re this dumb, you deserve whatever charges they throw at you.


  6. WatchTheThrone

    it’s hard to hate on game because i love his music so much. but these days all he does is start shit with everyone and pull immature stunts. hell he could’ve gotten somebody killed by doing this.
    still can’t wait for r.e.d though!


  7. mr 50 cent

    my boy you are always in trouble without me when you were with me i always clean up all this mess.


  8. SIghs



  9. Lisa

    It was a human mistake. But he does need to own up to it, rather than putting the blame on someone else. Maybe he’s right about the police not doing their job, but that is a whole ‘nother conversation.
    He should’ve apologized.


  10. d.

    how do you “accidentally” leave the police stations phone number? slap yourself. thanks.


  11. haha



  12. ISAAC18

    He really want that album to sell! Seeking attention in all the wrong places.


  13. StaNn

    maybe he should just leak some nudes, he will get the attention he looking for, then again no one wanna see his 2 inches! he is such a pussy!


  14. aton



  15. Blood



  16. JAck

    Man u PEOPLE are a bunch of dumb fucks…when in the hell has the police department or the government ever did anything for Blacks…they rather find a way to put ya in jail then help ya SMH.


  17. Max Million

    Another Sad Day in Black Man History …

    I usually end that statement w/ White Man … But hey …

    His Name is … The Game …

    Why not live up to the name now I guess …

    Heck … His career is over N-E-way w/o Fif…

    If your career is over bra :)
    Go out w/ a BANG I Guess … No lost love …

    Just Grow up … Your a grown ass man …

    He would hate if his kids did some shit like that !


  18. Juize

    Why didn’t his album leak, I wanna hear!


  19. Goon

    Go Game!


  20. confuse



  21. selam

    Wack. The game is playin a game. He really didn’t care about his community. all he did was block calls for people that might have needed emergency assistant. He went 2 low 2 advertise his cd.


  22. Erhakanni

    the GAME for lyf. haterz u can o go 2hell. while u tryin 2 sell albumz, he z jst tryin 2 feed his kid. cnt wait 4 r.e.d


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