New Music: Bow Wow – ‘Greenlight 4’ [Mixtape]

Greenlight 4

Bow Wow hits the gas on his Greenlight 4 mixtape, hosted by DJ ill Will and DJ Rockstar. The 18-track offering features the singles “You Drinking Too Much” and “Ain’t Thinkin’ ‘Bout You” with Chris Brown, plus appearances from Lil Wayne (“I’ma Stunt”), T-Pain (“Welcome Home”), and Snoop Dogg (“Come Smoke With Me, Part 4”). Download the predecessor to his Cash Money debut Underrated, dropping November 1.

Greenlight 4

Download: Bow Wow – Greenlight 4

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  1. Cheers

    cool! I like Boy or Girl


  2. Chris J

    this shit it hott..i didnt know bow wow had it in him


  3. ughreally

    I’m impressed. This mixtape sounds like album material. The beats are good to ride too, some are soulful like ” Let’s Get Closer”

    He got real personal here..talking about potential to have married Ciara or Angela Simmons. And that song “Boy or Girl” which I guess was made when his baby mother was still pregnant is so touching. It proves he accepted fatherhood before a DNA test or the birth of the child.

    “Sell my Soul” is real stuff. The industry is shady. Makes me appreciate the song “I ain’t Worried” even more. I loveeee that song. He goes over not getting respect from some people but also not getting CREDIT for what he’s done and how he has no reason to bite.

    At first I didn’t get why “Ain’t Thinking About You” is on here…but then I remembered that the video version added a verse from him and the one from Chris Brown’s “Fan of a Fan” is different, so he just had to use this song still. I’m thinking that other song they did is going on his album “Underrated” in Nov..or Chris’ “Fortune” album, or both.

    Also love “Alcohol” and “Why they Hate” on here. He’s not rapping with arrogance but confidence, humor, charm. I need to update this to my ipod.


  4. ughreally

    oh I forgot I love “Welcome Home” too. Tpain isn’t singing but actually SPITTING. It’s like he got something to prove and I like Bow Wow’s confidence on that track too.


  5. Cudder

    Bow wow please for me,stop music
    only success you had is”let me love you”lol


    Boss Reply:

    @Cudder, STFU u just a hater!!!is it hard fr u too appreciate good music?get a life or do somethin of your own fool!!!


    Drizzy Reply:

    @Cudder, “let me love you” was mario.. bow wow had success with like you, shortie like mine, bounce with me and let me hold you..


  6. Boss

    its good..i like it!!!kip doin it Bow weezy!!!


  7. jeffry

    bow wow is the shit.


  8. victor

    Boweezy!!lamborghini Moss


  9. Stre3t Danc@

    Ain’t thinkin bout u 2nite 2nite 2nite! ay ay!


  10. "sellin ya soul"

    that must be the new trend…


    ughreally Reply:

    @”sellin ya soul”, …but his song is about NOT selling your soul despite all the ‘benefits’ of doing what everyone tells you to do, say, wear, rap like, etc



  11. Maddyson



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