Bridget Kelly Goes Acoustic on ‘Thinking About Forever’ [Video]

Bridget Kelly

Bridget Kelly put her raw talent on display, singing an acoustic version of her debut single “Thinking About Forever.” With just a microphone and a guitarist, the Roc Nation signee stripped down the Frank Ocean-penned song, which is set to appear on her debut album along with production from The-Dream, Ne-Yo, James Fauntleroy, and Shea Taylor. Prior to the album’s release, Bridget will put out a four-to-five song digital EP.

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  1. john doe

    how she say her debut album will reflect her life and her emotions .she has writers doing the whole project.frank ocean penned the this track and his version is way better.start writing your own songs we got enough rnb bitches already just monotoning other peoples lyrics


  2. kelly

    she’s so talented!!!! awesome


  3. JAYE

    She has a nice voice, I still like Frank’s demo better but I wanna hear more from her.


  4. diego

    This girl wont make it simply because she sounds like Alicia Keys and had that song singing Alicia parts


    Life Reply:

    @diego, She dose NOT sound like Alicia. Bridget has alot more control on her vocal and is alot smoother then Alicia.


    @DrewShane Reply:

    @Life, She sounds way better than Alicia! Alicia can’t even hold a note as long as Bridget.


    Drew Reply:

    @diego, are you deaf? Her voice is way stronger than Alicia’s


  5. Rashad

    I really like this chick. Stellar performance! I’m looking forward to the LP. Hope there’s more of her & Frank collaborating… :-)


  6. Brandon

    She already has jealous haters. That’s a good sign!


    Umbrella&deepbag Reply:

    @Brandon, lol but damn true


  7. Ariana

    holy sh%t this girl can sing! and im not even a r&b/hip hop fan normally


  8. junior

    VEry nice! shes got the talent!


  9. mithoughts

    nothing new… nothing special… (and pitchy)


    simone Reply:

    @mithoughts, i dont wtf ur talkin bout!


    mithoughts Reply:

    @simone, you must be tone def and blind to originality.


  10. J. Peezy

    Lovin’ her already. Lookin’ forward to the EP.


  11. n*ggas in paris

    she has a great voice…but i wish this song wasnt on her album…idk frank should have DEF kept it for himself because there is a charm that he brings to it that NO ONE ELSE CAN… but i am lookin forward to hearing the other songs he wrote for her…( and hopefully hear his demos)


  12. BLAZE

    This version was way better that her recorded one but good job still love franks better tho his voice is just the shit


  13. Jrizzel88

    This song better suits her than Frank…he did a good job 4 her…beautiful voice…she’ll need something to push her to the next level to compete with Bey and Rih while not getting stuck on the plateau beneath with Keri, Ciara, and Teierra


  14. malikMJdope

    Bridget Kelly is really a beautiful singer #ROCNATION !


  15. Dallas

    Classy lady.


  16. BKfan

    I WISH PEOPLE WOULD STFU and STOP HATING on Bridget Kelly! She is a TALENTED Artist.

    If STUCK-UP ass Frank OCEAN never would HAVE released HIS demo version FIRST, then her song would be a R&B hit!

    BTW, his version sounds like a demo version WHERE as she BRINGS the song to LIFE. You people know nothing about music or vocal ability/range.

    I LOVE you BRIDGET KELLY & will SUPPORT you regardless of ALL these HATERS.


    Sheesh Reply:

    @BKfan, You can tell his version is purely a demo for the “sing like this Bridget”, because he sounds like crap and can’t hit the notes he’s singing because they’re NOT FOR HIM.

    I don’t know why people are liking his version, I mean more power to them and all, but I don’t hear it. It sounds like total crap to me. I respect their opinions, but Frank or whoever was in hand with his demo should have kept that shit on lock down so it didn’t leak.

    I hope Bridget or her label didn’t pay him much for the song or at least are getting royalties for his version because that would be some bullshit. You have to pay people to get their lyrics, not to buy the shit and then have their demo leak and overshadow what you paid for.


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