New Music: Matt & Kim f/ Soulja Boy & Andrew W.K. – ‘I’m a Goner’

Soulja Boy, Andrew W.K., and Matt & Kim

Soulja Boy lives for the moment on “I’m a Goner,” his unlikely collaboration with pop duo Matt & Kim and rocker Andrew W.K. created for Converse’s Three Artists. One Song campaign.

“While our music sounds different, I do think we’re coming at music from the same angle, which is we want to make music that people can shake their booties to,” explained producer Matt, while Kim called it the “ultimate party song.”

The accompanying music video will premiere August 21 at 1:30 p.m. during MTV2’s “Band of Ballers.”

Download: Matt & Kim f/ Soulja Boy & Andrew W.K. – “I’m a Goner”

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  1. MusiqLover

    omg fantastic collab


  2. savt1st

    this is crap music, everbody wanna be a hipster/rockstar/ wtf, this is garbage!


  3. isée

    this song is more différent than he do but it’s very cool! :D


  4. Deandre

    Yes soulja! i like, but he got his hands on his hips like a pansy in that pic. haha


  5. isée

    this song is more différent than he do but it’s very cool!


  6. No!

    I wasn’t expecting this but can only say that its awesome. The only people to hate on this are those that are follower and not trend setters. People who don’t take risks in life don’t gain anything, unlike this callabo which isn’t short of anything but greatness.


  7. why?

    would they choose 2 shitty artist paired with Matt and kim, at least they’re okay in their genre, Andrew W.K. is an annoying weirdo who only has one type of song, and Soulja Boy is well…everybody knows he’s just a sack of crap.


  8. Brett

    I love the collab, wish it was a better rapper like Wiz or Big Sean or someone like that. But I really like the direction this is going.


  9. fizzle

    Soulja boi in that pic hunny is FLAMMING!!!!!


  10. music4life

    this is a DOPE song – love all the directions and sounds – very good collabo!


  11. Your Father

    This tune is wack.
    Converse haven’t topped the Pharrell, Santigold and Julian Casablanca tune yet. The one with Cudi, dude from Vampire Weekend and chick from Best Coast was meh..


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