Lady Gaga Throws Wild Party in MTV VMA Promo [Video]

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga will unleash a monster at L.A.’s Nokia Theatre when she opens the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards later this month. The pop sensation drums up anticipation for what’s sure to be an unforgettable performance with an edgy, black-and-white promo clip set to her song “Government Hooker.”

During her visit to MTV’s Times Square studios today, Gaga hinted that the performance may be a continuation of her show stopper from the 2009 VMAs when she performed “Paparazzi.”

“I would say that my life is one continuous performance and that in a way, all performances of mine relate to one another, and you will not be disappointed,” she teased her Little Monsters.

Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, and Adele are among the previously announced performers for the VMAs, airing live on Sunday, August 28, at 9 p.m. EST.

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  1. Alejandro



    Music Reply:

    @Alejandro, Don’t be Silly, Alejandro!


  2. Thestylisto

    loved it!! gaga served and delivered.. for me. i am over here wanting more!!


  3. jeremydante

    so fuckn new york- so FUCKN gaga


  4. bbmonstah

    Ooooo! Bound to be millions watching the opening :) then change channels after lol


  5. Lala

    I think Madonna did not have time to perform(because of her new movie she is directing) so Gaga picks up the left overs …Again! LMAOOOO


    Cameo Reply:

    @Lala, Bitch she doesn’t even have a new song yet. Sit down hoe.


    nojusthenry Reply:

    @Cameo, well said.. haaha


    Lala Reply:

    @Cameo, BITCH? Who told u my real name? LOL
    Listen Gagamadonnabe,
    she always does the openning with every new project and MTV said she always will!
    The sad thing for Gaga is even if Madonna farts on stage , Gaga will be upstaged!
    All you young kids should go and do ur homeworks and come back again!
    Gaga has a loooong way to go if she wants to be compared to Madonna…simply because there is still too many looks and images for her to steal from madonna…she is stuck in the early 90ies Madonna…wait wait…there is another 20 years to pick from!
    and once Gaga finally manages to make videos that match the lyrics of her song (rara oh lala Gaga rommammaa) and gets the original designs( not warmed up mugler shit… Jody Watley was wearing mugler originals before Gaga u Beyonce in 85/86)she still has another 10 years to catch up with LMAO
    Do your homeworks kids.
    Yeeeeaaasssss hunty
    you BITCH


    Trina Reply:

    @Lala, Wow U Care WAY To Much About This Lmaoo Its Not That Serious U Need To Calm Down And Find A Life


    rafaiahhh Reply:

    @Lala, bitch i am not a gaga fan, but she is talented and at least she CAN sing!!!! she ain’t picking leftovers…you are!!!!!!
    thumbs up muthafuckas!!!!


    Lala Reply:

    @rafaiahhh, listen…u better go and youtube klaus nomi, grace jones, david bowie and kate bush and come back again…oh I forgot something…come back when you are 21 LMAOOO
    those kids, those kids…I am not even a Madonna fan but that Gaga is just a cheap rip off miming to euro trash music! This is not pop, it is an insult to pop!


  6. rafaiahhh

    gaga is no picking up leftovers…madonna will be as she dopped her crown. gaga is art, madonna instead trash!!!and she CAN’T sing!!!!!!!


  7. rnb

    this night will be unforgetable

    because all the best performer of our era will be here: chris brown , lady gaga, beyonce

    the best rappers too : lil wayne, kanye west…

    i herad that chris brown will perform “look at me now” and will also perform with big sean on “my last”…..


  8. GagaBlogger


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