New Music: The Weeknd – ‘Thursday’ [Mixtape]


The Weeknd had the Internet buzzing with his debut mixtape House of Balloons. Now the 21-year-old Toronto-based singer, who Drake took under his wing, follows up with Thursday, the second act in a trilogy (Echoes of Silence will follow in the fall). R&B’s new kid on the block pushes the genre to new heights with nine seductive tracks, including “The Zone” featuring Drizzy, that are bound to stay in heavy rotation.

Download: The Weeknd – Thursday | Alt Link

1. “Lonely Star”
2. “Life of the Party”
3. “Thursday”
4. “The Zone” feat. Drake
5. “The Birds, Part 1”
6. “The Birds, Part 2”
7. “Gone”
8. “Rolling Stone”
9. “Heaven or Las Vegas”

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  1. Solace



  2. Jon

    I fucking love him!


  3. Kat

    This link doesnt work for me…anyone got an alternative link?


  4. Wasalu

    this shit is taking FOREVER to download


    Solace Reply:

    I know!


  5. King Dro

    WTT almost made me forget this was coming :D


    Music Reply:

    @King Dro, Saaame Here. I ain’t even looking for anybody else’s albums after this…


  6. Keisha.J

    he does not know what he just started!!!! hearts The Weeknd


  7. okpimpin

    who is the dude????? this ish is awesome!!!!!!! House of Ballons is my ish….. WTF they SPRINKLED crack all over this


  8. Triniti

    I don’t even have to LISTEN to this to know I’m going to download it. He’s just that kind of artist, like J. Cole–you KNOW you’ll be getting quality music.


    WatchTheThrone Reply:

    @Triniti, dude completely stole my post word for word!


  9. M4L

    It took so long to download but it’s worth the wait lol.

    Abel’s voice is so sexy. OVOXO.


  10. Mr Xclusive

    dont see whats so special bout this guy, but that drake feature is nice


  11. Frank

    Was this a post about the weeknd or drake? jesus christ. rap-up aka the drake groupies.


    StarsRblind Reply:

    @Frank, They only mentioned Drake twice. Fall back, they are clearly Lil Kim groupies. They don’t follow Drake to every show he does, when he gets a new pet, or dresses like Michael Jackson.


  12. Shade



  13. Rap*

    Does anybody have a .RAR link?


  14. Rap*

    got it


  15. OVOXO

    OVOXO ur girl at my next show..DAMNNN DRIZZY and thiis ngga weeknd are the kings…amazing voice by this young guy yupyup


  16. NBeeZy LEggo

    this niqqaa startin summin different man. game changer. jcole stand up. weeknd stand up. breezyy stand up.



  17. Joe

    Loving this mixtape!!!!

    Loving all of his stuff, R&B died down for a while for me, but Fank Ocean and The Weeknd just bought it back!


  18. Kasey Cooper

    @joe. you couldnt be more right!


  19. Fan Of A Fan



  20. David

    I can’t get into his high voice, he reminds me of Jeremih….o_0?


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