New Music: Tony Bennett f/ Amy Winehouse – ‘Body & Soul’ [Snippet]

Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s music lives on. A snippet of “Body & Soul,” the late songstress’ duet with her idol Tony Bennett has surfaced. The eloquent jazz tune, which is billed as her “final recording,” was completed in March at London’s Abbey Road Studios for Bennett’s 85th birthday album Duets II, due September 20.

“Amy was so excited to be working with Tony Bennett and really looking forward to her fans hearing this new recording,” stated her father Mitch Winehouse. “The fact that Amy’s voice is sounding as amazing and beautiful as ever and she is singing with the great Tony Bennett seems the most fitting tribute of all at this very difficult time.”

Proceeds from the track will benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which was started by Winehouse’s family to help youth charities.

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  1. Music

    Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy/ I’m soooo saaaad right now!


  2. LOL

    that was beautiful!!!! and she looked pretty in the pic!


  3. Coleworld

    This made me sad :(


  4. MrRocco

    No classier act in music then or now than Tony B. Amy must have had alot of respect for his talent and how he treated her. You can tell how she looked
    up to him.



    too bad shes gone


  6. Jay

    This truly is so very sad. You can tell just by looking at Amy how far she had come in trying to overcome her addictions on her own. All you need to do is compare the images that were constantly in the media at around the time of 2007/2008 to see the changes – not only to her weight and the fact that she managed to put some on, but also in regards to her complextion.

    Yes she still struggled with alcohol, and yes, she ‘may’ have occasionally taken drugs (we’ll never really know) but she came so far … it is obvious that she no longer used them in the same way she did several years back, and to be taken after all of that is the saddest thing of all. I honestly thought she would come through the other side and live a happier life. I really was shocked when I had heard of her death. And I will miss her very much.

    Rest in peace, Amy. You gave us so much of yourself – your music is a gift and my life is so much richer for it.


  7. KingB

    blame the ILLUMINATI’S….


    rnb Reply:



  8. kiki

    Beautiful lovely clip music industry misses her.


  9. Aquierra

    My heart was breaking when I was listening to the snippet. I still find it hard to believe that she’s gone.


  10. terri

    felt very emotional listening to this, i would like to have met her even only to say hello! will miss her i hope she is in a happier place now.


  11. yooo

    im so sad that my favorite artist has passed on. there will never be another like her. These past few weeks have been difficult for me to listen to her music especially since I knew she could have record an album full of standards and blew every artist out of the box. R.I.P. Amy ;-{


  12. lizzy

    when people die they mean the world to their family and friends,but amy, when you died you meant the world to so many. bless you, you crazy, mixed up kid.loving your tune with tony bennet…xxx


  13. Jay

    I feel like a very huge part of music has died right along with Amy.

    I find it difficult to listen to most of the stuff on offer on platforms such as commercial radio these days. None of it adds up to what she gave us musically, lyrically or emotionally. People say she was a ‘one-hit-wonder’ when she gave us her hit song Rehab, but no other artist has managed to make cds where I loved every single song equally – in their own different way. But Amy Winehouse did that – and to me that is very, very rare.

    To be honest, there aren’t many artists around today who are in the charts – regardless of how many ‘hits’ they may have – who’s cd I would actually invest money in, let alone be prepared to part with money from my pocket to go see them perform live. Amy was different and there’ll never be another performer quite like her. She was special. Her style of music was special and her death has left me feeling terribly sad.

    Again, Amy – your music is a gift and my life is so much richer for it.


  14. SumthinLikeFire

    YASSS sing it Amy! I got a little teary eyed listening to this. Can’t wait to hear it in full.


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