New Music: Trey Songz – ‘She Will (Trigga Mix)’

Trey Songz

Trey Songz sets out to prove his haters wrong by rapping on yet another popular song. This time, the ladies’ man tackles Lil Wayne and Drake’s “She Will,” calling out those who question his rhyming skills. He keeps Drizzy on the hook, while holding down the verses. Will we hear more rapping from Trigga on his next album Chapter 5?

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  1. luvlife

    Pretty good.


  2. Jenna

    This man slaaaaaaaays it ! Rappers gotta be ashamed bout gettin humiliated by his rap talent ! Trigga’s home baby :)


  3. Rihannastan

    not that bad…1st to comment!


  4. Shride

    Rhythmically weak, though some of the rhymes were good. Please let’s not have another singer-gone-rapper *looks over at Breezy*


  5. Vontae

    Trey was a rapper before he started singing and he was on point wtf


  6. Ray

    She Will and They Know


  7. DeLICIA

    niceeeee in my @myfabulouslife


  8. gloria

    Vontae thank you these Negro don’t have a clue. Shride I like to see you do better I’m waiting oh you can’t yeah we already know that and even try and compare Chris to Trey please Chris only rapped because of Trey he’s The leader everyone else is following. Trey was a rapper 1st do your homework.


  9. ???

    Way better than Chris brown and justin bieber. His rap vocals/ rap delivery is kind of weak to me though (maybe because im used to him singing). Flow and lyrics decent.


  10. sergio

    this shyt weak


    Thaeyecatcher Reply:

    @sergio, your deaf


  11. Kayla

    Trey kills it yet again!


  12. meeh

    He getts off . Doed anyone kno or even think is he trinna beef w/ Wayne . Treys remix’n most of Waynes new shit and they all hav uh punch line regarding Wayne .


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