Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears

Nicki Minaj Poses Backstage with Britney Spears at Tour Finale

Lots of Barbz, boobs, and bobs later, Nicki Minaj wrapped Britney Spears’ “Femme Fatale” tour in Toronto on Sunday. A blonde-haired Nicki, sporting a Hello Kitty T-shirt, posed with her fans at the last meet and greet and bid adieu to the pop queen herself.

“Popped bottles w/the crew. Did my final meet & greet. (Got proposed to twice). Gave brit flowers and told her she’s an icon,” tweeted the “Super Bass” rapper.

But don’t be sad. The femme fatales may be sharing the stage again soon. There are rumors that Nicki will participate in a tribute to Britney at the MTV VMAs on August 28.

Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears

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  • uhuh

    So, i just found out nicki is almost 30.

    • ponyo

      @uhuh, she really startin to look her age

      • SAM

        @ponyo, lol..

    • GO GIRL!

      @uhuh, haha..OK!

  • MH

    Aww, this is cute

  • @SynceR3

    Dope buh britt looks kinda old now lol

  • kam

    damn Britney taller then nicki @uhuh and? long as she make good music dnt matter Beyonce like 33

    • MRBIG

      @kam, lol Beyonce is 29

      • Frank

        @MRBIG, LOL seriously kam get your facts straight. and beyonce been doing it for over a decade.

    • Stace

      Yeah but she started at age 17… No comparison N-E way…

  • kam

    Britney face look like rgw same in both pics botox

  • Im Scaff Breezy! I beat Nicki

    Nicki Minaj will be 29 this yr.

    • GO GIRL!

      @Im Scaff Breezy! I beat Nicki, yupp she sure will :) and will still be on top and will still be the king of this shit

  • Sapparo

    Who cares about the age? They doing their thing. I like what Britney has on. I’m trying to put together the idea of Nicki doing a tribute 4 Britney??? Well we shall see. Kudos ladies*

    • From Tokyo

      @Sapparo, Good question about the age thing. I would continue to find this strange were it not for the certainty that it’s children who always write such comments.



  • Stay down

    Nicki will be 27 this year

  • Jane Doe

    Nicki & Safaree are still together. They are fronting & lying for the media & her brainwashed ” kiddies”. They have been exposed.

    • UR2FUNNY

      @Jane Doe, how r we brainwashed? yall kim fans r brainwashed and believe that kim is still on top bcuz she keep sayin she is when she isn’t..i actually thought “YAY! lil kim finally gets a post on a blog (the one when she performed with 50) so kim fans can look forward to something besides nicki!” but yall clearly still have to come and give nicki some more attention..lmao! u literally came on a nicki post early in the morning to spread hate..u r so obsessed with her its ridiculous…nicki is the king of this ish! nd u nor kim nor any hater nor ANYONE! can ever take that away from her

      • Keshia

        @UR2FUNNY, bytch shut up.Nicki is a habitual liar and y’all Nicki fans stay bashing Kim on twitter and her youtube videos.

        • UR2FUNNY

          @Keshia, kim is a liar! lied about mixtape sales
          lied sayin nicki never showed her love
          lied about puttin together that irs video or whatever when she never did
          theres more to her ridiculousness! and so whats ur point? kim fans STAY on nicki videos and twitter and all that shit..its a never ending story…2 wrongs dont make it right

      • Jenny

        @UR2FUNNY, Nicki is a compulsive liar and y’all Nicki fans stay bashing Kim on twitter and her youtube videos.

        • UR2FUNNY

          @Jenny, please! me personally i never go on a kim video and spread hate..thats other ppl but ur point is what? bcuz kim fans STAY on nicki posts and videos..its a never ending story…no one will ever be right in that argument

    • UR2FUNNY

      @Jane Doe, and bitch u been officially exposed as a nicki minaj fan..hahahhaa!

      • Jane Doe

        @UR2FUNNY, I will never be a fan of that fake, plastic, lying clone hoe. Dont ever get it twisted.

        • UR2FUNNY

          @Jane Doe, well then im sure ur definitely not a fan of kim bcuz kim has had all the plastic surgery in the universe! like..c’mon..if ur a kim fan and u tryin to argue with a nicki fan.nothing in ur argument should say anything about being plastic, fake, or any of that other mess bcuz we all know kim effed her body/face up! bye nicki fan! u so obsessed with nicki its hilarious!

  • minajarama

    Nicki Minaj will be 12 this year

    • DaDonRoman

      @minajarama, LMFAOO

    • UR2FUNNY

      @minajarama, haha u funny…but this 12 year old is one of the kings of hiphop and rap in general! she will forever be #WINNING!

      • MeloRockstarr

        @UR2FUNNY, You mean King of Pop she is not a rapper

        • JussSaying

          @MeloRockstarr, LOL for real.. i remember looking foward to her album and then BAM all this pop! LOL wtf???? sold out.

          • UR2FUNNY

            @JussSaying, she aint sold out for nobody..nicki BEEN makin “pop” songs like saxon, girlfriend, i love u, envy, thats just a couple of her vintage “pop” songs..she aint sold out to is a race traitor she sold out big time to sell sex! she ook the easy route to make money

          • JussSaying

            No boo boo.
            Nicki made a buzz of herself with rap and as a Hip-Hop artist. Then on her album she made 10 pop songs and 2 rap LMAO… thats selling out. Nobody is telling her not to be versatile. Good for her but how you gonna make most of your shit Pop?
            and I dont know why your bringing Kim up in this discussion because im not a Kim Stan. I could care less what you think of the bitch.

        • Steve

          @MeloRockstarr, Why is she on Forbes Kings of Hip hop & Rolling Stones Kings of Hip Hop then ? *Shrugs*

        • UR2FUNNY

          @MeloRockstarr, shes king of music in general..its nothin wrong with makin a few pop wtf! yall ppl so closed minded its ridiculous..nicki IS a rapper..she is just very versatile..and thats what? u gonna call kim a dancer now and say she sold out! well u should! ugh!

    • From Tokyo

      @minajarama, LMAO!

  • LOL

    Britney’s forced smile is always hilarious!

  • kylerspre

    So much money i cant even count all of this 100 .. Epic gorg

  • stirr

    Nicki is trying too hard to get those Pop fans smhhh
    Just be you for once boo-boo.

    • Trina

      @stirr, She Already Got Alot Of Pop Fans Worry About Yourself BooBoo

    • UR2FUNNY

      @stirr, she is being her..she aint tryin too hard for nobody..i dont ever remember being a somewhat ghetto female rapper is trying to get pop fans lol..the pop fans came on their own bcuz nicki is so versatile booboo

  • Outspoken

    They both look old as hell in the pics. Ugh too much damn make-up on Nick. Nicki will be 29 this year, but whether she was younger or older…her music is still blah to me. The best thing going for her is her flow and that could get unbearable sometimes. I think Nicki Is very pretty but not in this pic.

  • MeloRockstarr

    Yall throwin around that “Quenn of Hiphop” too loose I like Nicki but she is no where near a rapper anymore thats prolly why she didnt make Wayne album smh

    • UR2FUNNY

      @MeloRockstarr, nobody is throwin that term around..just bcuz U dont think she is doesnt mean she isnt the king! and nicki is a rapper! wtf u talkin about! nicki MAILY raps..DUH! nicki is just very versatile..somethin a lot of artists cant be..and who knows y she didnt make wayne album? its definitely not the reason u stated though bcuz nicki is on birdman album coming out sooo..yeah

  • M!

    Nicki is a Pop star not real hip hop.
    She’s a gimmick, doin all of this so the white kids can buy her music b/c black kids will only bootleg it then pretend to be her biggest fans.
    I bet she’s goin to show up to the VMAs wearing pasties and a purple wig like Kim did b/c show has no identity of her own

  • realtalk111

    yuck britney looking old and manish! nicki looks like somebody’s aunty! really hello kitty @ 30 smh!!

  • ree ree

    nicki stay winning hoes say whatever the fuck u want i mean you bitches and niggas try to find the most lame shit to say about her it her butt then its her wigs then its she want to be lil kim and now its her age who the fuck cares fuck her butt,wigs,her being lil kim and her age she still on top and thats a fact and in nicki words as long as shes in the game kim will never win your game over bitch real talk and i dont want to hear what kim did that was ten years ago i was 8 i dont remember that shit and the last song kim had that was a hit was lighter up so get over it she took the female hiphop crown now we coming 4 the pop crown and i heard she cut up on brittany tour so britt look out and roger that haters ymcmb!

    • Jenny

      @ree ree, Nicki will be gone in 3 years and if you don’t remeber Kim or any other rapper that came out during her time you don’t know nothing about hip hop.

      • UR2FUNNY

        @Jenny, please! im 19 and i remember kim very well…nd if u knew anything about hiphop u would know that hiphop does not begin/end with lil kim!she is apart of hiphop..yes…but she doesnt “make” it sheesh! there r so many facets of hiphop nd nicki makin way too much history and sellin way too much and way too versatile and got way too many fans and got way too much drive to fall cy r ur panties in a bunch? u mad kim fell off right? haha yea exactly!

  • Mike

    Ah, my two friend women!

  • Mike

    @Mike, *favorite

  • kani k.

    wow britney looks like she’s 40 years old..

  • dekaylabaskin

    i that t-shirt……..