Solange and Son Step in Style in NYC

Solange and Julez

Swag runs in the Knowles family. Solange brought her stylish son Daniel Julez Smith to the INC International Concepts at Macy’s press preview event at Openhouse Gallery in New York City on Wednesday (Aug. 17). The six-year-old shied away from cameras as he held hands with his mother, who rocked a color-block top and purple purse.

The “I Decided” singer recently told that her current favorite brands are Opening Ceremony, Stella McCartney, and J. Crew. “I’m obsessed,” she says of the latter.

Solange and Julez Solange and Julez

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  1. Lucki

    Why she got that boy lookin’ a fool…? -__-


  2. Critic

    Wow! Solange looks great!


  3. glo



  4. shay

    so adorable! solange looks amazing.


  5. Isis

    She looks amazing! Her son is so cute, looking like Tina!


  6. Nicole

    Julez looks cute and is dressed appropriately for a 6 year old and imo, does not “look a fool” in any way. So, you wouldn’t dress your kid like that? Well, good for you, but Julez is Solange’s son & she can dress him any way she chooses, but Solange has said before that she allows Julez to pick out his own clothes and shoes and encourages him to show off his own individuality and there is nothing wrong with that.

    I love Solange’s fit too. She looks great.


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @Nicole, Thank you very much. Enough said!


  7. G.O.O.D Music (Balling)

    Looks Like His Dad and Tina, he looks cool and cute. Solange = Hot Mama!!!


  8. Lis'



  9. Whatcha_Sayin

    Has he got blue eyes? Unusual…


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