Kreayshawn Brings ‘Gucci Gucci’ to Highline Ballroom [Video]

Kreayshawn may have her share of haters, but that didn’t stop her from packing New York’s Highline Ballroom for a sold-out show last night. The Oakland rapper wore cutoff shorts and orange knee-high socks while performing a set that included her hit “Gucci Gucci,” which has already spawned remixes by Lil Wayne and Trey Songz. Her fellow White Girl Mob member V-Nasty hyped up the crowd, who sang along to every word.

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  1. minajarama

    love her!

    get moneyyy!


  2. NBeeZy LEggo

    i fukin hate this bitch. no talent gaga rugmuncher


    IKARYSS Reply:

    @NBeeZy LEggo, gaga has nothing to do with kreayshawn, even though i dislike both.


  3. Karsha

    She looks horrendous in this video as far as clothing… But I applaud their grind. V-Nasty is 2 much & Lil’Debbie is the baddest of them all.


  4. nom

    Stiff. zero stage presence.


  5. Dina

    Thanks Nicki Minaj for lowering the bar for female MCs.



    if she aint got no talent ,well she aint no dfrnt frm many others artist out there


  7. V-Nasty is God

    Man if I got to touch V-Nasty’s hand I would die a little on the inside and never wash it again :(


  8. Wayne

    My friend gave me a ticket to the show. What a scam, Where was Lil Debbie? kRAYshoe had some dude djing, so much for the White Girl Mob. And she had a dude on stage yelling out stuff all night. Why was he there, was he a lesbian who looked like a guy? A mosh pit and a room full of Jersey shore wanna be dudes, my ears will never forgive me.


    BasedGenius Reply:

    @Wayne, Yeah, Lil Debbie isn’t a real DJ. Two Stacks is. All Lil Debbie does is stand there, lip synch along with the songs and act like a hypeman. Why would you want to see that?


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