New Music: Lil Jon f/ LMFAO – ‘Drink’


Lil Jon sticks to what he does best—make music that bangs in the clubs—on his new single “Drink.” The King of Crunk takes shots, shots, and more shots with electro-hip-hop duo LMFAO on the rousing party anthem, chanting “Drink, drink, drink!” Inspiring words, indeed.

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  1. m.i.k.e.

    im so tired of these talentless “artists”, only thing they can do is make songs off samples from iconic songs from the past, just like Pitbull. this is the epitome of shit music


    Westside Reply:

    @m.i.k.e., I agree with your comment


  2. Ma'tay

    Lil’ Jon is a beast on the beats :)



    typical so so


  4. MIke



  5. c'mon

    i fking hate those LMFAO clowns.. and i hate this type of sh1tty ass music


  6. vladica07

    It’s awful…and this is considered music nowadays…sad.


    Will Reply:

    @vladica07, its music to get u ampt at the clubs whos gonna listen to songs with with meaning when there at the club drunk people wanna listen to shit that gets u ampt


    lmao Reply:

    @Will, no i’d actually prefer to listen to good music instead of retarded shit such as this



    I love how this is just “Shots” but replaced with “Drink”.


  8. Nait Phoenix

    Why is every song with LMFAO & Lil’ Jon about drinking? How creatively challenged are they?


    powthis Reply:

    @Nait Phoenix, cause thats what gets them paid .. club music = easy money if it explodes


  9. No Way

    This hurts my ears


  10. sagb

    no thanks…


  11. Hugh

    Low expactations, thought it was ok
    Not my fav style but jon has been cool lately


  12. Marge

    this sounds just like shots and party rock anthem lol


  13. Gretchen

    If you’re drunk this song is great.


    asunkee Reply:

    @Gretchen, lol so true. It sucks. I would never download it, much less buy it. But I can def see myself partying to it with the right level of intoxication.


  14. DramaQueen

    R u serious? Anyone can make better music this. This is sad


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