Nick Cannon Attempts to Break World Hugging Record

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon spread love to fans entering Citi Field in New York on Friday. The 92.3 NOW radio host attempted to break the world record for most hugs in one hour. He embraced everyone from kids and adults to men in drag and pets. Despite his noble effort, he fell 52 short of the world record of 1,698 hugs.

“52 off!” said a disappointed Nick. “We’ve got to do it again. I felt like if we had started a little later and closer to the door, we would have got it.”

But his efforts didn’t go unrewarded. For every hug he gave, a toy was donated to the Mets Care Room at the New York Hospital of Queens.

Nick Cannon Nick Cannon Nick Cannon

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  1. Andre

    ummm ok


  2. :)

    Haha! He is crazy!!!


    HUHHH Reply:

    That shit cray!


    :) Reply:

    @HUHHH, LOL!


  3. uhuh

    i thought drake was corny… totally forgot about this nigga. smh


  4. :)

    I wonder about him though…


  5. Holtz



  6. Ugh

    I was there! We ran to eachother and hugged. It was funny.


  7. YUNG Reezy

    Nick Cannon is the corniest nigga I’ve ever seen…


  8. Trey

    Yeah Spread Love & all that but seriously my nigga…..You should be somewhere fucking Mariah….Not hugging drags & puppies. -_-


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