New Music: The-Dream – ‘Murderer’


The-Dream is killin’ ‘em on his new song “Murderer.” The seductive number features Spanish guitars and was inspired by the upcoming film Colombiana starring Zoe Saldana. “Hopefully the power of music Opens the Door of Original Music Together with Films Again,” tweeted the singer-songwriter, who will release his free Internet album 1977 on August 31.

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  1. TheLoveIV



    Tiffany Reply:

    @TheLoveIV, i dont like it, its not one of his best songs it just lacks something…. im hoping the rest of this album is like his old stuff


  2. Triniti

    LOVE IT!!!


  3. Chitwnchick

    I think the song could’ve been A LOT better WITHOUT the auto-tune. It really takes away from the song.


  4. Triniti

    Love it!


  5. Lankaihe

    Ow! me likes this.



    Hmm, I dont know but I dont feel it. It just doesnt sound like a The Dream concept.


    swag Reply:

    @MONKEY, im not mad at ya comment i actually think its a pretty good song. even with autotune. but the song is definitively different from his other music which is what everyone wanted. i think its pretty dope he is steppin out of his boundary doe


  7. Timothy Fitz

    Dreadful! His vocals sound like he is drowning in a flushed toilet! The lyrics are so repetitious and boring, I fell asleep, twice, while listening to that crap.

    Real black music is truly deceased!


  8. Ice

    Now THATS a movie trailer!


  9. swag

    why do my comments always get deleted? lol

    but this song is dope to me. its different from what he usually do and thats good for him. i remember when folks wanted to change his style now they want him to go back to his old style.


  10. weezay



  11. Phoenix_Wright

    Cool, I love the harmonies, not something that instantly attracts me but it may grow

    can’t wait for the rest of the album


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