New Music: Gloria Estefan f/ Pitbull – ‘Wepa (Remix)’

Pitbull and Gloria Estefan

Pitbull adds some flavor to Latin superstar Gloria Estefan’s spicy single “Wepa.” The hip-shaking rhythm, which was originally produced by Pharrell and remixed by Holland DJ R3hab, contains English and Spanish lyrics plus a verse from Pit, who will perform “Give Me Everything” with Ne-Yo at Sunday’s VMAs. Gloria has been working closely with The Neptunes producer on her 11th studio album, due later this year.

[Ryan Seacrest]

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  1. JohnJohn

    don’t really like it.

    It is like a bad version of J.Lo’s On the Floor….


  2. Orlando

    this is bad assness, luvz it. fuk da hater n keep on bein’ hater cuz y’all dnt know whut real music is & where it cumz frm…


    JohnJohn Reply:

    @Orlando, real music? Pitbull?! Eurotranceshit?! Really? come on, what are u talking about, dude…that song is the mother of artificial generic pop music. there is nothing real about it.


    Lala Reply:

    @JohnJohn, I feel so embaressed for a whole generation of idiots calling this shit MUSIC ! Being a european is once again a blessing concidering americans believe this shit is NEW, FRESH and INNOVATIVE…this is the left overs of early 90ies German euro trash…something that was bad when it came up and its even worse now especially because it should bring back forgotten female former stars and is a complete sellout!


  3. DJInVincible74

    Something told me that there would be a remix with Pitbull. Nice twist on this song. Maybe just maybe Top 40 Radio will take notice of Gloria with this remix and give her some of the love that they’ve deprived her of for so long.


  4. Gloria Estefan – Wepa feat. Pitbull (R3hab Remix) – The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

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  6. Kevin

    Is Pharrell the right way to go? I mean, it didn’t work for Madonna on “Hard Candy” and didn’t work for Shakira on “She Wolf”. And if anything Gloria is like the exact mix of Madonna and Shakira. So needless to say I’m worried about it.


  7. Hugh

    Kevin that is very insightful.

    Her voice is really below average


    Robert Reply:

    @Hugh, Gloria’s voice is definitely better than Madonna and Shakira’s. They can’t sing their way out of a ditch if they tried. Gloria is the Queen of Latin Pop, has sold over 90 million albums worldwide, has seven Grammys and is the only artist to have a single chart on four Billboard charts simultaneously. Obviously, she’s done something right in her near-three decade career.


  8. NatNat

    music’s tight. lyrics & vocals; WACK. she too old to be jumpin’ on tracks like this…


  9. jason

    Yeah ofcourse, only Madonna who is almost the same age by the way is alloud to make mucis like this to jump on? Common, you dont have to like it! But to put it in that perspective is far from being resonable!!! Why cant she make music like this? She is free to go in her music direction where ever it goes! All you guys have is only a image of a woman in her 50′s (she looks good by the way!)with trendy music like this! In fact, if people did not knew it was gloria and heard in some kind of club I am sure they would have liked it! It is so funny how easy people get influenced just by the age wich is actually just a number! Respect for a woman like her, who works her butt off if not for other artists! I like a woman of her age daring to take risks! It shows she has some real balls to do a musical direction like this!….If I could think of one artist who deserves it to get payed by her hard work it should be “Gloria”


  10. Senseo

    @NatNat: To old to jump on a track like this? Obviously she is still jumping! Numbers of DJ’s playing their records! Are they to old to play? People having hobbies collecting old skool stuff, to old to collect? People like dancing, to old to dance? Hosting a show, to old to host a show? Some people like to work far after the actual age to retire, stop working because they are to old? And so on, and so on!….With other words “Who are you to tell she’s to old to do stuff like this!!!!!!!!”


  11. xbox


    [...] || New Music: Gloria Estefan f/ Pitbull – ‘Wepa (Remix)’[...]…

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