New Music: Shontelle – ‘Reflection’


Shontelle spreads a little sunshine on her uplifting new single “Reflection.” The pop-rock tune will appear on the Bajan singer-songwriter’s third album (Universal Republic), while the song impacts radio in mid-September. “You got everything you need in your own reflection,” sings Shontelle. If you’re having a bad day, just give this a listen.

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  1. WhatTheF

    It’s growing on me. I think it can have success with the right promotion.


    Tiffany Reply:

    @WhatTheF, Its not shonneys normal direction in which she goes but i like it, its defiantly different


    listen Reply:

    @WhatTheF, they are giving her a third album when her first two combined have sold less than 250,000 copies? wow! we all liked the first single from the last album (it was a number one record)….but what happened? the live performances, album and ultimately promotion weren’t strong. this single will have a hard time at radio. she’s not moving anybody from their positions.


  2. Sleazy

    I really like it! Have you heard her sing it live Girl can SING! This song can have success! I’m glad its not bout her vgina etc ima need a dance track next Love shop and take ova was fire


  3. Cheers

    With the new label! Maybe she will get good promo! Her last label was bad poor she performed ONCE on tv lol the same is happening to kelly rowland smh


  4. Fan Of A Fan

    this songs ok
    i cant wait for her new album :D


  5. kelvin

    The song’s okay but is nowhere near impossible


  6. sabrina

    I like the song but I think she needs to push herself vocally.


  7. Kareem

    i like this song i will support her again when the new cd comes out


  8. Songstress

    She’s not the greatest singer but I do enjoy some of her songs. This song could put her out there a little more !


  9. Kyle

    I really like this song. It’s nice and uplifting. I can see it doing good on pop radio.


  10. Jay

    This is cool, Shontelle is a real deep writer. I think she’s repping real music & this could well put her on the map!:-)!


  11. ed

    i like it. very nice song with a positive message, which is what we need more of nowadays.


  12. Aaron

    I love herrr :)


  13. Aaron

    This IS different, though…


  14. Brown Sugar

    I like it better than “IMPOSSIBLE” because it SOUNDS MORE POP!


  15. WellWritten

    I know the writer of this song and it is AWESOME!!!!


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