Video: Matt & Kim f/ Soulja Boy & Andrew W.K. – ‘I’m a Goner’

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy rises from the dead to throw a raging dance party in a morgue in the gory video for “I’m a Goner,” his feel-good collaboration with Matt & Kim and Andrew W.K. for Converse’s Three Artists. One Song campaign. When the mortician leaves for the night, the freaks come out to play. An ice-covered Soulja stays preserved in the freezer until his friends invite him to join the fright fest, turning on his zombie swag. This is the most fun you’ll ever have at a morgue—we guarantee it.

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  1. ughreally

    the song is suprisingly enjoyable. Nice little vibe. Video’s diff from what I expected, but cool


    BK Reply:

    @ughreally, yes, it is quite good! can’t lie.


  2. Will

    I bet my life Soulja Boy didnt write that verse dude sucks ass


    uhuh Reply:

    @Will, without even listening im gonna say souljaboy is wack as fuck.


    Phoenix_Wright Reply:

    @Will, the verse was so wack, why would you think someone else wrote it?


    SAM Reply:

    @Phoenix_Wright, that’s exactly what I was thinking, LMAO!


  3. Jfenty

    This is a feel good song !


    isabella! Reply:

    @Jfenty, i can’t figure out if your serious or not. its a good song but feel good isn’t quite the term. lol


  4. ggsgs

    wth is soulja boy in this i think the song couldve been way better if they didnt add his wack ass


  5. ed

    they really couldn’t have got a better rapper? guess it was last minute & he was the only one not busy.


  6. Waffle_

    thats the right way , soulja :)


  7. No!

    12 out of 10 meaning this joint is off the chain. Fuxc the lame same style everyone else on, cuh, this sh1t is banging for 2014.


  8. Desean

    Can we agree its possibly the best Soulja Boy verse ever ?


  9. MalikFerraud

    @Desean, I def. said this to myself when i heard this haha. Yes I agree. And I am definitely not a fan of Soulja Boy. LmAO @ 3:26 tho


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