Leona Lewis Flaunts Bikini Body in ‘Collide’ Video

Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis soaked up the sun in a polka dot bikini top while shooting the video for “Collide,” the dance single from her upcoming third album. The British hottie rides in the back of a convertible with her friends and performs on the beach in an elegant gown in the first images from the set. The Ethan Lader-directed clip is expected to premiere this week. Meanwhile, Leona is in the studio putting the finishing touches on her album and will perform at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in October.

Leona Lewis Leona Lewis

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    This song is about to be a Flop she need to stop trying be like everybody else and go back to what we love her for which is those soft love ballads


    Tiffany Reply:

    @TEAM WORLD, ihu! you speak some real truth there real talk


  2. d.

    this will be a flop. won’t get airplay AT ALL. she can do better, especially with that god given voice. c’mon girl.


  3. diego

    She been a flop only had 1 hit with bleeding love lol


    joejpaige Reply:

    @diego, I’m going to need you to research the sales of her debut album and then return to make a more educated comment.


    Lala Reply:

    @joejpaige, she is a bore! generic shit from a TV show with no personality…whatver she sells, good for her, but im not buying!



    i cant wait to see the music video love the song so much! good to have a real singer!!!!!! love u leona! xoxo-IS


  5. Lisa

    Classic example of a woman who has the talent, not the attitude. She’s not made to be in this business.


  6. butlerny

    Leona has stepped out of the box..to some she could run down the street naked and they would still say the same thing…THE GIRL is back and back with a bang..shooting up dance/club charts around the world before the video was out or even released.
    In the video we see a sexy new leona who looks beautiful and very relaxed in a video that shows her natural beauty with a song that is very addictive and shows leonas voice can sing anything and make it sound good….Glass heart out in Nov. video came out yesterday …Leonas going to no.1 good day from UK


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