Video: Kendrick Lamar – ‘A.D.H.D.’

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar cruises through the streets of New York City in the Va$htie-directed video for “A.D.H.D.,” a cut off his independent album Section.80. The Compton native shows the Big Apple love and finds his own in an abandoned office, playfully flirting with his female co-star.

“I had the honor of directing a music video for one of my new favorite artists—Kendrick Lamar,” explained Va$htie. “After falling in love with his mixtape Section.80 and playing it on repeat, I was given the choice to pick any song to direct. I settled on ‘A.D.H.D.’ for it’s dark beat and melancholy lyrics, tones that have always resonated with me. Like most of Kendrick’s songs off Section.80, it felt like a confessional of a conflicted generation; a timeless and universal theme.”

[Life + Times]

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  1. r.i.p aaliyah

    his album was good and he’s dope but the only song that i can really bump is “Blow My High”…that song is tuff


  2. taj mahal

    whole album is classic, each and every song had a meaning a talked about society today


  3. luvlife

    I LOVE it. And Section 80 is beyond dope. Kendrick is one of the leading artists of this generation. Innovative. And he’s actually talking about something.


  4. YUNG Reezy

    I like the song and music video the same. Kendrick Lamar is hella dope, I can’t he really starting rapping from a dream about Tupac telling him not to let his music die.


  5. Qually

    “SECTION 80″ = Classic
    “Hol Up”…

    He got off on that “The City” joint on GAME “R.E.D.” album.


  6. Phoenix_Wright

    I love his flow this is cool


  7. janair

    i feel alla ya`ll. dis is my favest song offa #Section80. i love da way he say “fuck that”.lol. nappy lamar is dope af n 1 of our greatest young talented n very smart rappers. “Good kid in a mad city” i looovee him!! #TDE #HiiiPower #BlackHippy


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