Celebrities Remember Aaliyah 10 Years Later


Aaliyah’s presence continues to be felt. Ten years after her untimely death, the R&B icon’s lasting legacy is being celebrated by her fans and friends in the industry. The love could be felt all over Twitter as Keri Hilson and Solange shared fond memories of their idol, frequent collaborators Missy Elliott and Timbaland remembered their close friend, and Drake cherished an angel gone too soon. Read some of the stars’ heartfelt tributes.

Drake: RIP Baby Girl…in my ear at every show letting me know the next move I should make. Love you.

Keri Hilson: #RIPAaliyah Man, I just remembered skippin class & goin to a friend’s car JUST to hear Aaliyah’s new song “Are u That Somebody” on the radio. And the video?!!!! Man that video! I remember standing w/ my back to the tv tryna learn the routine over my shoulder. Who DIDN’T?! Everything she did was so smooth. She effortlessly amazed millions. #IWillAlwaysLoveAaliyah

Monica: Love Aaliyah 4ever… If at first u don’t succeed ,dust yourself off and try again.

LeToya Luckett: She will be loved 4ever!!!

Missy Elliott: Aaliyah til this very day u r still in Your own Lane! Ure music is Timeless! We miss u! #WeLoveuAaliyah!

Timbaland: #ripaaliyah miss you babygirl

Mary J. Blige: Good morning twitter fam. Let’s all take a moment to remember our sister Aaliyah!!! #ripaaliyah


Lil’ Kim: #RIPAaliyah My Sister :(

Brandy: Will not give ignorance ANY attention!!!!! #RIPAaliyah – you are forever loved and respected!!!

Solange: My 13th birthday I had a celebrity dress up party and came as no other than you. I sang “one in a million” on my karaoke machine. Iv’e grown up to you, idolized you,

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  1. Kev

    I love that celebrities still remember and honor Aaliyah 10 years later. She will be forever missed. I see you @It’sMeAmeriie!!


    Tiffany Reply:

    @Kev, RIP Aaliyah! i dont want to cause no beef on this post as i love Aaliyah so much but it makes me ponder how the game might of been if she had not of passed, with beyonce and her, to me Aaliyah will always be the QUEEN, y’all seen beyonce interviewing her at the MTV awards, i mean beyonce was the interviewer! how times have changed… R.I.P Aaliyah!!!


  2. maya

    It looks like Keri went over the 140 character limit o_O lol

    Anyway, Solange’s tweet was so sweet <3 Wish she would show the pictures


  3. tay



  4. roc

    i love aaliyah. best to ever done it! RIP!


  5. ImDaOne

    I know it must be hard for Missy, Lil’ Kim and Timbo, they were VERY close to her!! RIP Aaliyah.


    V Reply:

    @ImDaOne, dont forget Ginuwine


  6. Mi

    If anyone cares to know the real story of Aaliyah, watch the BET tribute tonight with Jomo Hankerson. Aaliyah’s cousin and creative collaborator. He knew her before anyone else in the music industry. From being his little cousin to a super-star. He hooked her up with Timbaland and Missy. Helped her choose movie roles & more. Im looking forward to watching it.


  7. LOL

    Ciara pretty much summed it all up


  8. MoeMoe

    Rest In Peace Aaliyah aka Babygirl. I will always be a fan. You are in my heart 4ever <3


  9. corri

    Had ms liayh didn’t passed she wud be like some queen of sumthing,she was real nd true to herself..unlike artistes these day…<3 her


  10. Ray

    RIP babygirl the BEST of the BEST!


  11. Music-Ah-Logist

    RIP Aaliyah, you are truly One In A Million! and will be forever missed and loved. I wish your time here with us wasn’t so short because you embodied so much talent that i know would of flourished for years and years to come. {in “Romeo Must Die”} As an actress, you was just a natural and as a person you was just a beautiful soul.





  13. Ogo

    Miss you babygirl. Was just looking at sneak peak from the BET Special. No one rocked the tomboy look and looked as sexy as Aaliyah. Love you.


  14. Daaaaan.

    R.I.P Aaliyah
    #Forever loved Babygirl


  15. Kayla

    R.I.P. Aaliyah. Her legacy will live on forever!


  16. Miranda

    Till This Day She Is Missed (R.I.H)« Rest In Heaven » WE Love You Keep Continuing To Inspire Others Nd Ur Legacy Will Alwayzz Nd Forever Live On One Love Ma <3


  17. Cabdiqani

    I like this new trend for writing caoiersntvons in a Welsh accent. At least I assume it’s a Welsh accent, you could have been having your hair cut by a pirate.


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