Video: Jill Scott – ‘Hear My Call’

Jill Scott

Jill Scott pours out her heart in the video for “Hear My Call,” a cut off her chart-topping album The Light of the Sun. The teary-eyed songstress pleads for healing from above in the simple visuals. Jill will turn up the volume by releasing the provocative “So Gone (What My Mind Says)” featuring Paul Wall as her official second single. For now, follow the tracks of her tears.

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  1. Selina

    I find this song peacefull


  2. Love Jeffery

    Simple, But Yet Touching… Beautiful, But Yet Passionate… What A Beautiful Woman Jill Scott Is, and What A Beautiful, ans Spiritual Song, and Video For “Hear My Call”… I Love!!!


    Love Jeffery Reply:

    @Love Jeffery, I Mean “and” and not “ans”… LOL.


  3. savt1st

    what a lamn ass LAZY video. Nothing about this is compelling, her acting is mediocore, anybody coulda done dis shit on they iphone camera LOL


  4. BLAZE

    So beautiful an heart felt if you ever been in love an broken you can totally relate 10′s all across the boards for Miss Jill Scott


  5. grownup

    @savtlst – Obviously never had a vulnerable, broken moment with God. It’s pretty much exactly what was portrayed in this video. Your time will come my dear.


  6. Outspoken

    shes having an intimate moment with the lord…I’ve definitely had this conversation with him a time or two. Such a beautiful and relieving feeling.


  7. yes sir

    I don’t share same religious belief as Jill. I still enjoy her work. Amazing.


  8. tpm



  9. Fan Of A Fan

    nice song


  10. savt1st

    okay, kinda like D’Angelo naked video, and now Beyonce’s 1 + 1 video is like this Jill Scott video. D’angelo did the simplicity idea the best, don’t care for Jill Scott’s or Beyonce’s new one, but Beyonce did it better, ofcourse.


  11. Lisa

    Sometimes people seem to forget that a music video is an extension of the song… I didn’t really think much of this, ’cause it has been done before. The song on the other hand, it hits home for me. A lot of people can relate to this in one way or another.


  12. monniesweet

    it is so sweet and so real. with the life of today . and in the time. because people are calling on god more and more everyday. thank you for let her you god given talent.I AM a big fan of your music. my god bless with more blessing.


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